Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Men Only Hunt I

Now that the sun is hidden away behind the clouds again I've retreated from the garden back into the house and exchanged a cool glass of juice for a cup of tea!

As I was sipping my first cup of the day I thought I'd amuse myself by having a look for some of the items available in the Men Only Hunt. I enjoyed looking around a variety of stores while seeking out the ipod hunt item with the help of a few hints. I love hunts, not only for the free goodies, but also because it helps me discover stores I would otherwise probably never get to find out about

I'm going to show you some of my favourite items from the hunt over a couple of posts starting off with this complete male avatar from (Red)Sand.

RedSand complete avatar 

 Inside the gift box you receive everything you can see in the picture above. You get the shape, skin, glasses, mesh shorts, eyes and eye make-up in several colour variants. The band-aids covering the body come on clothing layers which you can wear or not depending on what you prefer.

Filthy Shadz Illmatic

Next we have a mixture of Men Only Hunt items and the newest group gift from Filthy. This is a group well worth joining and for the next couple of weeks you can do so free of charge (usual fee L$199). 

I am wearing the May male skin and shape group gift combination "Juldas" from Filthy along with the hunt gifts from Shadz (glasses) and Illmatic's cotton briefs in black.

Ragdoll's and snapbackswagg MOH gifts

The last look in this post has Ragdoll's cut shape for the men only hunt hidden beneath Filthy's skin and the [SBS] mesh LA Clippers open hoodie. There is a worn-backwards baseball cap in the SnapBackSwagg gift which is not shown here.

As a little addition I thought I'd mention that the poses used in this post are also available in the Men Only Hunt from Expressive poses.

Until next time,


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