Wednesday, 30 May 2012

50% Cash Back Sale @ DRD

Death Row Designs is currently in the process of moving from one sim to another. To celebrate that which has been and that which will be there is a 50% cash back sale going on. Basically what happens is you pay the vendor full price for the product and right after it is delivered you'll receive 50% of the price back automatically.

The sale is going on at both the old location and the new one. Being a huge DrD fan I of course couldn't help but take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to add to my ever growing collection of Jaimy's creations.

DRD Burtonized Skybox 2 
 This time around I went for the "Burtonized Skybox" and one of the outfits available. The majority of complete outfits in the stores have also been drastically reduced in price to just L$ 99 and you still get your 50% money back on those too which is a cracking deal.

Burtonized Skybox 

Along with browsing all of the sale items while you're at the store don't forget to check out the lucky chairs and Midnight Mania boards which are stuffed full of DrD goodies. One of the MM boards has the other DrD skybox "Forsaken Love" in it with just 250 slaps required.

Have fun and happy shopping.
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