Wednesday, 4 April 2012

X(Y) Marks The Spot.

With the beginning of the month upon us there are lots of new collections out at the different shopping events around the grid. There is new stuff at GSP, Perfect Wardrobe, Zombiepopcorn Brand, and XYROOM  just to name a few.

This morning I went for a look at the XYROOM collection and found a nicely made casual mesh sweater from Useful Things that took my fancy.

Casual Kook

As you can see I've paired it up with jeans, a belt and another new purchase of mine - the dirty sneakers from Balkanik I love them!

All that shopping means I have a thirst on now. Time for a cuppa tea methinks!
Until next time,

Please note: The top shown in this post is a mesh item. You will need to have a mesh enabled viewer to see it properly.


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