Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Tedee - Picnic surprise!

Teddee - Dirty Lynx Mesh avatar

After Tedee went along to the teddy bear picnic he certainly came back with a big surprise. Last thing I expected to see steaming its way up the path was little Ted donning a pair of the wrong trousers. What I can't figure out is whether he was working along side the naughty penguin Feathers McGraw or if he actually played nice and asked Wallace to borrow them for a while. I am sure a deal could have been struck so long as he promised to take Gromit out for his daily walkies.

This is another of the fine Dirty Lynx avatar collection and as you can see from the pictures it is full of little details that really add to the look of the whole thing. I like the gouges and scrapes along the metal seat, body and the big heavy booted feet. Of course the ted sat on the mechanical perch is super cute too. I really like the woven look textures and slight hint of steampunk with his eye patch and everything.

Another good purchase at a super low price. There is bundles of fun to be had with this avatar for just L$149

Happy stomping!
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