Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Tail Of Two Kitties.

I'm aware that I've used the wrong version of "tail" in my title, but hey, it is in keeping with the theme of this post and I like it.

I got to spend some time with my good friend Dido the other evening which has become somewhat of a rare occurrence since the both of us got all loved up and things. We did a little shopping then, as usually happens when we get together, we ended up doing something fun and silly.

I showed Dido a few of the avatars I've brought recently including a mesh cat avatar from Zooby's. It has to be the most realistic cat avatar I have ever come across. It is outstanding! The avatar comes with a HUD which allows to you change the eye colour, perform cat-like actions and also make kitty sounds. Dido liked it so much that she purchased one for herself and then we went off on an adventure...

Kitty Adventures - Zooby's Mesh Cat Avatar.

We started out on Dido's home sim and spent some time playing in the meadow. The long grass really tickled our tummies as we leapt and pounced after the butterflies. We didn't catch any of them of course, but it was great fun pretending that that was the aim of our game.

two worn out kitties - Zooby's Mesh Cat Avatar.

After a lot of chasing, playing and claw sharpening on the tall trees we had a little rest by the edge of the meadow. It was nice to just sit together for a little while and enjoy the glorious surroundings. The sim really is beautiful, just like the couple that live on it!

Play time!

Dido thought it would be fun to pay her friends Catherine and Petrov a visit. Those toes were too much fun for us to resist! We pounced, bounced, pawed and played some more before heading off to our final destination for the night.

Two little Zooby's Kitties
(Dido is the blue eyed cat. I'm the golden eyed one)

As Dido has taken a real shine to the mesh hair that is now available at various places we ended up at the front court yard of Wasabi Pills - somewhere she had not yet been. We weren't really dressed to test out the demos this time round so we decided that we'd leave that until next time we get to spend some time together.

I had a cracking evening and I hope it won't be too long before Dido and I go on another one of our adventures.

Until next time,

Once again please be aware that this avatar has mesh components so you will need to have a mesh enabled viewer to see it properly.


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