Tuesday, 3 April 2012



I've been a big fan of the Dirty Lynx brand since I found them a while back now so I can't understand for the life of me why I waited so long to purchase one of their mesh avatars. I think the main reason was the number of them to pick from and the fact that each one seemed to appeal to my kooky nature. I really wasn't sure which to plump for and being absolutely useless when it comes to making decisions it was all made very hard! Looking at it realistically though even that is a poor excuse when they are priced so reasonably at a mere L$149 a pop. I could of had them all - or at least a couple- which is exactly what happened in the end.

These avatars are of the same wonderful quality I've come to know and expect from this creator. The textures are fantastic, the attention to detail is fabulous and as I mention already they are priced extremely reasonably. I have a feeling I'll be back there before long to bulk out my avatar folder with a few more of these quirky little things.

I'm glad to have my very own "Punkee". I find it so strangely adorable! If you are eager to check them out for yourself and face the struggles I did in choosing which to get you can find Dirty Lynx in-world and on marketplace.

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Please note: This is a MESH avatar and you will need to have a mesh enabled viewer to see it properly


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