Saturday, 14 April 2012

Princess Milena

I'm lazy a lot of the time when it comes to open boxes that collect in my inventory. Yesterday I found myself at a bit of a loose end so I thought I'd have a look 'n see what goodies I had in my objects folder. I didn't get very far before I came across something that piqued my interest.

little milena 2

I found several group gift from Mynerva - one of which was this extremely cute child skin and shape "Milena" She just looked so adorable that I had to do something with her.

Browsing various blogs as I tend to do I was also aware of a recently sent subscribo gift from Truth Hair called "Bunny" You get the entire collection - each and every colour Truth Hair is available in. How generous is that?

After finding and opening the box I spent a great deal of time deliberating over which colour to pick. Eventually I settled for the "Honey" tone.

little milena 3

Argh! Kooky in a dress! There is something you don't see every day!

Anyway! Before yesterday I had no idea what so ever about shopping for child avatars in Second Life. Lucky for me, my little sister Ellie likes to run around as a kiddo so I asked her for some advice. We ended up going shopping together and eventually ended up at one of her favourite stores called American Beagle.

There is a sale on at the American Beagle store. Items marked with multi-coloured star have been reduced down to just L$50. Ellie and I made a couple of purchases which I plan on showing you soon.

Our little adventure took a bit of a twist after then (we ran off and had some fun) so today I returned for another look around AB only to find there is a bargain basement where nothing costs more than L$25.

The outfit you can see above was only L$20, so if you ignore the L$150 I spent on an AO (yeah, I really am that much of a cheap-skate) this whole child avatar cost a mere L$20!* Pretty amazing, huh?

I'm excited about sharing the Mini Kook and Little Ellie adventure with you.

But for now,
and until next time,

*There is a join fee for the Mynerva group. You have to be a member to receive the skin gift shown here.


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