Saturday, 14 April 2012

Nitroglobus Gallery.

Nitroglobus Gallery opening
Last night I attended the official opening of the Nitroglobus Gallery with my girlfriend Sol and little sister Ellie. I had absolutely wonderful time looking at the art work of Michiel Bechir, dancing to the music and chatting away with other people that attended. I am so happy for my friends, the owners/managers of the Gallery, Nitro Fireguard and Dido Haas.

If you enjoy art in SL I would certainly recommend a visit. The works of the guest artist are in the main hall and off to the side in a separate area you will find some of Dido's own art for your enjoyment. This beautiful couple also welcome visitors down to ground level where you can take a look round the Angel Labs sim they call home. You can teleport down from the gallery or take this limo straight there. 

In my opinion it is well worth a look. It has been very nicely landscaped by Nitro's fair hands. The attention to detail and love that has gone into make it look the way it does is more than evident. I really love the meadow and the heart shaped cuddle tree there which you can see part of here

Around the sim you'll find dance and cuddle balls if you fancy a snuggle or boogie with your friends and/or lover while you are there.

I hope you have a grand time if you decide to visit!

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Nitroglobus said...

Kooky you're such a sweet heart! Thank you. This was an awesome evening and you were part of it!

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