Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Little Taste of Strawberry Fizz

Stay on your toes.
Tuck your chin against your chest.
Bob and weave.
Keep pumping that jab into their face.
Concentrate on the body... Don't let them breathe.

Strawberry Fizz Cropped T-shirt

Sound advice for any fighter really.

That is until you come face to face with a barely clad boxing beauty. Concentrate on the body and you're not very likely to see that knock out blow winging its way towards your chin.

Strawberry Fizz Micro Gym Shorts

I'm a big fan of this cute and sexy gym outfit from Strawberry Fizz. I absolutely LOVE the cut of the shorts and the way they fail to cover the majority of my bum in a most delicious way.

For this post I've even done away with my neko tail so you can enjoy an unhindered view...

... Of the shorts!
Not my bum you pervs!

Strawberry Fizz criminally tiny tube top

There are a couple of different tops available to go with the shorts. In the top two of pictures I'm wearing the cropped t-shirt that comes in two versions. There is a regular version (shown) and an exposed version. I like the idea of an exposed version where all the bouncing, wiggling, bobbing and weaving has caused the shirt to ride up and reveal a little more flesh. Yummy!

The second top, shown in the bottom picture, is the criminally tiny tube top. I do believe that if I were to spot someone in such a skimpy little top I'd find myself with ample motivation to keep going and hit my goals for the day. I am not entirely sure that my mind would be on what I was doing though!

I would like to add that no strawberries were harmed during the taking of these pictures but I can't. When I had finished using them as props I devoured them and jolly tasty they were too!

Until next time,

Just before I go I'd like to say a big thank you to my dear friend and owner of the Strawberry Fizz store for the wonderful gift of this outfit. It was a very sweet thing of you to do. *huggles*


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