Monday, 2 April 2012

Little Bitty Kitty Committee

Little Bitty Kitty  by Kooky Jules

Oh. My. Goodness.

This little avatar should come with an adorabubble overload warning. I literally can’t take my eyes off myself when I’m wearing this and it seems that it makes for a very good conversation starter. I only had it a matter of hours before being I told I looked cute and was asked where I got it from.

The detail pumped into this avatar considering its size makes this an absolute master piece in my opinon. The hard work that doubtlessly went into producing something of such fantastic quality is definitely not reflected in its price at all. I think it is an absolute steal at just L$100.

Likkle Bitty Kitty

The avatar can be found here at Cafe Neko no MORI along with a host of free goodies to go with it. The free items include an extremely cute strawberry hat and booties as well as a duck mount that you can ride around on. Great fun at such a low price. I’m very impressed indeed.

Not only do you get the cute cat that comes in several different furr patterns you also get a HUD (Heads UP Display) which, when clicked, brings up a menu with a number of built in poses. Your kitty can dance, sleep, run and even..ahem.. assume a position ready to do a poo!

Delightful, eh?
I’m just glad I’m a cat because it means I don’t have to pick up after myself.

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