Monday, 23 April 2012

[In]Sanity Falls

Alex Blackwell

Posters and envelopes. Envelopes and posters. I've been seeking the little buggers out for the last couple of days and still have a few to go. What IS she babbling on about I hear you cry. Let me explain...

There is an immersive hunt taking place until the 30th of June where you are transformed into psychologist Alexander Blackwell. Alex has been working too hard. He is burnt out and in need of some rest and relaxation. He decides to take a break at Sanity Falls with his wife, Livea. Sounds lovely doesn't it? The trouble is things don't go to plan...

(borrowed from the Mad Pea blog)
Alexander Blackwell (Alex): “I’m waking up with metallic taste of blood tainting my mouth. I look at my clothes and see blood everywhere, but I don’t feel any pain or see any wounds. It probably isn’t my blood. I try to think but realize that I have no memory of the last 24 hours. The last thing I remember is coming to Sanity Falls with my wife. I feel dizzy, someone must have drugged me.

Groggy and confused, I stagger onto my feet and call out for Livea. When silence answers me back, I become aware of my surroundings. I am on the edge of a bridge overlooking the Sanity River. In the puddle of blood beside me lays a phone. It starts ringing..”

When Alex answers the phone it is a call from the people that have taken his wife hostage. He has 24 hours to get enough ransom money together to get her back again. Your task on the hunt is to find fifty posters around Sanity falls.

(Didn't think I'd give one of the numbers away did you?)

On each of the posters is a unique 'phone number' that you have to dial into the cell phone on your HUD. Each number gives you a location to which you must travel and find a money stuffed envelope. Each envelope you find adds some money to your HUD and earns you a prize from the store.


This hunt is so much fun. There are lots of little hidden surprises and scary noises on the way round Sanity Falls. If you are like me and can't help but click on click-able things to see what they do you're going to have a blast. The more you find the more fun this is that's for sure.

I failed to mention above that the Alex Blackwell avatar shown in the picture is free for all players with the HUD. It is provided at the start point to help immerse you further into the game. The avatar is brought to the hunt/game by Jaimy Hancroft of Death Row Designs with the addition of hair from SHAG. It's an awesome avatar. Great for any guys in SL that are looking for a cheap way to look good - so long as you don't mind a blood splatter or two. Teehee

Anyhow I am off to hunt some more money and prizes and save my...uhh Alex's wife.

Until next time,


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