Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I'm In Gray Today

Timeless grey SAKIDE

I thought it a little strange of me to have written a post about the Wear Gray shopping event in which I neglected to show you any gray items. I've decided to remedy that today by showing you the hunt gifts from SAKIDE. There are two brains to find in the shop each costing L$10. Inside one brain you'll find grey jeans and black undies that come in low and even lower options. The other contains the mesh knitted sweater which comes in several sizes.

I think this outfit is pretty spiffy for the amount it costs. I especially like the seamless joining of prim cuff to pant leg. To finish off this casual look I've simply added the shoe version of Death Row Designs loose boots at the bottom.

And there we have it. Today I am "Timeless" in Gray.

Until next time,


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