Tuesday, 17 April 2012

If I can't see you...

All by myself

It means you can't see me!

At least that is what the logic of a young mind would have you believe.

I have been in "discovery mode" since finding sweet little Milena tucked away in my inventory. I've been wanting to find out what is out there for child avatars but think I am going to go more in depth about that in another post.

Likkle sisters

For now here is a picture of Ellie (redhead) and I bouncing around having fun. I think we were trying to be as cute as cute can be to earn some fishies for Ellie and gummy treats for me ( I so love gummy bears and worms!)

The outfits Ellie and I are wearing are from one of her favourite stores American Beagle. They have a wonderful collection of clothing from adorable dresses to more casual outfits like the both of us are wearing. The bright neon bracers, leg-warmers and shoes I am wearing are part of a set from Larnia Kids.


It is time for Ellie to go home and looks like mini Kook could use a hand getting down. Why is it that climbing up is so easy and exciting but the coming down is hard and scary? Hopefully it won't be long before someone comes along and rescues the cute little lass otherwise she might just have to go for it and risk scraping her knee. Awwwww.

Until next time,


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