Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Howl Amazing Is This?

Boxed Heroes Wolf

I'm not really into the whole Werewolf thing but by gum this avatar is AMAZING! It is a complete mesh avatar and comes with various clothing layer options so you can wear as little or as much of what you see above as you like. You can, of course, go without a stitch of clothing if you're more into the natural look.

I was fortunate enough to pick this avatar up from a lucky chair at Boxed Heroes not long ago. I don't think the chair is there any more, but you can still purchased this Werewolf avatar from the store or marketplace for $L500.


There is a recommended AO to go with this which can be found at the boxed heroes store just below the avatar vendor. As I'm not really planning on wearing it a whole lot but still want to enter into the spirit of the beast when I do went for a cheaper but still great quality option.

I popped over to the Oracul animation store where there is an AO set called Beast (or something very similar to that I can't quite remember.) I picked out a couple of the animations I liked, purchased them and put them together in a little HUD to create my own mini Werewolf AO.  I actually just left the AO running when I was taking pictures for this post so that should give you some idea of the way the animations compliment this hulking beast.

AnyHOOWWWWwwwwwwl! I'm gonna go bite off a few heads. I'm hungry!
Until next time,

Please note: This is a MESH avatar and a mesh enabled viewer is required to see it properly.


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