Monday, 30 April 2012

Curious Kitties Fab Find

Curious Kitties Mesh Avatar
(There is a surprise in them there crystals...The ever seeing eye is watching this curious kitty. Eep!)

A few days back I hopped over to Curious Kitties for a poke about. I hadn't been there for a while and was taken back by the volume of different things available now. I happened to stumble across this "Kittenz Luth Avatar" in the new Unreal Fuzz section of the store and was amazed to see that it was free.

There are three different things to pick up on the wall. One board contains the mesh avatar (including hair which I'm not wearing), the second contains a pair of matching mesh hands and the final one has a complete outfit consisting of shoes (worn), jeans (worn), bracelets and a t-shirt.

For those of you that like to customise you avatar and/or show your appreciation to creators for their generosity in offering such high quality free items like this one there are several things available to dress little Luth up in.

There are skins in varying shades, a few different head types and clothing in the form of trousers, tops (shown in the picture) and a dress. Additionally, at the time of posting, there is a set of free elf ears available for members of the Curious Kitties update group that have been created to compliment this adorable avatar perfectly.

I'm off to see what other surprises I can find!
Until next time,


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