Wednesday, 25 April 2012

429 of 1644 - Sanity Falls

I did it! Yesterday I became the 429th person to complete the Sanity Falls hunt. I had a lot of fun along the way as well reaching points I thought I was going to go crazy. I had to retrace my steps around Sanity Falls to find posters I'd missed and there were a couple of envelopes that I just couldn't seem to find no matter how hard I tried. I could have done with being Sherlock Holmes rather than Alex Blackwell at times but hey I got there in the end.

Sanity Falls Hoodie back

Today I thought I'd unpack all the goodies I'd received and wow there are some real crackers. I love this outfit from Es Stylez that comes with a mesh "Sanity Falls" hoodie, t-shirt and jeans.  If you get all the way to the end of the hunt and are lucky enough to pick up the second prize there is a matching back pack which is great, but not shown here because SL was being a pain and not all of the textures would rez properly - sorry!

Sanity Falls Gift

The only reason I knew I was the 429th person of 1644 to complete the hunt was the awesome " Wall of Fame" that is posted on the website. What a great little idea! I wonder how many names will eventually fill the pages come 30th of June when the hunt ends.

Wall of Fame

There is still time if you want to take part in this hunt. I definitely think it is worth the L$100 for the HUD. Not just for the avatar and prizes, but for the experience and being part of this game. I had a real blast.

Thank you Mad Pea for bringing us the game/hunt and to all the participating stores for bundles of awesome gifts!

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