Friday, 2 December 2011

Mad Hattery @ Perfect Wardrobe

As always there are lots of lovely things available during this round of "Perfect Wardrobe" but the main draw for me this time were the hats and other things that go on your head. 

(*Epic* Kawaii Knit Monkey Chapka [Hat] {Sea Green} )

I could not resist this over-sized, slightly crazy-but-super monkey hat from *Epic*. I absolutely adore this knitted texture and the way the buttons are made to look like they have a little shine to them. This item looks so plushy I want to tear it off my head and cuddle it!

Also on offer from *Epic* is a similar styled elephant hat and a pair of legwarmers in the matching sea green colour which is exclusive to this event.

( {.essences.} Unisex Winter Hat  )

This hat is the first mesh item I have ever worn and I must say I'm impressed. Perhaps I am a little behind the times, but I only very recently decided to give a mesh supporting viewer a fair crack. I'm glad I did or I would have missed out on this little beaut. The texture is lovely and I like the stitching detail too.

( [y] Mochi - Winter Pack Brown/Red )

This quite obviously isn't a hat, but in my opinion no winter wardrobe collection, SL or RL, is ever complete without a pair of ear muffs. Of course there are worse things that can happen but I really don't like having my lug holes exposed to the cold of winter so these are perfect!

Along with the Yulicie Mochie winter pack I chose there is a pack with light blonde and black hair available.

I'm off to feed Pingu and his pal some fish!

Until next time,


Dido Haas said...

supa photos and crazy hats ^^
Luv it!
dikke kus

Kooky Jules said...

I had fun with this one and giggle each time I look at that monkey hat!

Thank you for the comment as always Dido.

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