Friday, 9 December 2011

Little Miss San-teeny.

For those of us feeling the pinch this winter there is the option of downsizing for the holiday season.

( Tiny Santarina )

Doing exactly that is made wonderfully easy if you take a trip to 7PLUS & Aperture Avatar Fantasy Sci-fi Tiny Store for one of these avatars. I am guessing they are on offer because the poster says 350$L but I paid just 100$L So not only are we having a tiny Christmas, but an inexpensive one too!

Along with the avatar you get a HUD with a choice of three different faces.

Say hello to cute, cuter and cutest. Tee hee!

Anyhoo! I'm off to have me some miniature fun!

Until next time,


Dido Haas said...

awww cute cute cute!
dikke kus

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