Friday, 9 December 2011

Abranimations Advent Calendar #5

On the fifth day of December Abranimations gave to me ...
... A Fish Slapper that requires a mesh viewer.

When you 'bump' into avatars with the fish slapper held in your hand it does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. You bump them, then you whack them. If they are a little too far away for that method to work, don't worry they have that covered too. Simply go into mouselook mode, fire little fishies in their direction and wait for the giggle fits to take over!

To compliment this fun item I decided I'd put on a fun outfit too. The "Duck Raincoat" is another great item from the innovative Intrigue Co. Then there the striped, almost bee like, t-shirt beneath it from Hermony. Below them I am wearing "Womens Just Low" in black from Spearsong who I am very proud to blog for! Finally right there at the bottom are the boots with a super cool name - "Puddle Stompers" from AJA in the 'old school' texture. Love 'em!

Until next time,
( You can find the previous Advent Calendar post here. )


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