Monday, 5 December 2011

Abranimations Advent Calendar #2

"On the second day of December Abranimations gave to me ...
... A Mesh Snowman Avatar.

Such a cheeky looking little chappie with the most fun 'walking' animation that is not a walk at all it is a bounce! With the bouncy nature of it I wonder if that ball at the base is made of snow or marshmallow!

To get the best giggle inducing bounce I found it is better to double tap your 'up' arrow so the snowman 'runs' rather than 'walks'.

Beautifully made and bundles of fun - I can see me wearing this one a lot over the festive season.

Until next time, 

(The previous advent calendar gift post can be found here)


Dido Haas said...

Arghhh... I am afraid Kooky will be 'terrible snowgirl' from now on till January next year ^^
dikke kus

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