Sunday, 4 December 2011

Abranimations Advent Calendar #1

I am super excited to see Abranimations are giving away gifts in their advent calendar again this year. Last year I caught wind of this fantastic opportunity a few days in and loved the quirky items I ended up with. This year I have been lucky enough to get the gifts from the beginning.

I am like a child at Christmas waiting with an excitable impatience for the days to roll round so I can see what goodies are inside each box. I should mention that you can only get the gift for the date you go. For example - lets say you didn't know about this advent calendar until you read my post. You will be able to get today's gift, but not the boxes that have already been opened. If you want tomorrows gift you have to go back the following day and click the right numbered box to receive it.

Here is the gift I received on 1st December which unfortunately isn't available from the calendar any longer...

"On the first day of December Abranimations gave to me ...
... A funky Comfy Chairmobile!

How sweet this is. I don't even have to get up let alone get dressed to go down the shops looking for winter bargains now. I can just reach over, grab my wallet and away we go! This is a very zippy little vehicle with animations set into it for when you turn corners. It's pretty funky to watch your avatars legs flick up and see it lean over to the side you are turning to.

This is such great fun, but I do fear with my lacking chair-driving skills I am going to end up with a few bumps and scrapes on the arms before long.

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