Friday, 9 December 2011

Abranimations Advent Calendar #5

On the fifth day of December Abranimations gave to me ...
... A Fish Slapper that requires a mesh viewer.

When you 'bump' into avatars with the fish slapper held in your hand it does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. You bump them, then you whack them. If they are a little too far away for that method to work, don't worry they have that covered too. Simply go into mouselook mode, fire little fishies in their direction and wait for the giggle fits to take over!

To compliment this fun item I decided I'd put on a fun outfit too. The "Duck Raincoat" is another great item from the innovative Intrigue Co. Then there the striped, almost bee like, t-shirt beneath it from Hermony. Below them I am wearing "Womens Just Low" in black from Spearsong who I am very proud to blog for! Finally right there at the bottom are the boots with a super cool name - "Puddle Stompers" from AJA in the 'old school' texture. Love 'em!

Until next time,
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Little Miss San-teeny.

For those of us feeling the pinch this winter there is the option of downsizing for the holiday season.

( Tiny Santarina )

Doing exactly that is made wonderfully easy if you take a trip to 7PLUS & Aperture Avatar Fantasy Sci-fi Tiny Store for one of these avatars. I am guessing they are on offer because the poster says 350$L but I paid just 100$L So not only are we having a tiny Christmas, but an inexpensive one too!

Along with the avatar you get a HUD with a choice of three different faces.

Say hello to cute, cuter and cutest. Tee hee!

Anyhoo! I'm off to have me some miniature fun!

Until next time,

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Abranimations Advent Calendar #4

On the fourth day of December Abranimations gave to me ... 
... A Mesh Teddy Avatar.

Another stunning mesh avatar. Wow! I think that it blends in so well with the other toys dotted around that if I'd not mentioned I'd received a mesh teddy avatar it would be easy to think it was a prim decoration like the other toys.

This teddy avatar has the cutest expression and looks fantastic in its seasonal sweater. Just like the snowman avatar I posted about the teddy comes with its own 'walk' animation.

Until next time,

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Abranimations Advent Calendar #3

On the third day of December Abranimations gave to me...
 ... ASCEND - Acantha - Gothic skin with blood make-up.

Inside the box with this Gothic skin for girls there is also one for all the guys out there too. I must say I was rather surprised to receive this skin. I sort of assumed it would be another gadget or gizmo, but what a nice surprise it was.

I had fun finding a fitting outfit to go with it and finally found a reason to wear this [Me.] Miley '11 hair. I just love that 'kinky cap' that comes attached to it. 

The outfit I have on is - to my mind - absolutely spectacular. I adore the textures and the way the prims fit my short avatar with very little adjustment required. The creations at *Deviance* are wonderful and this "Mistress - Mord Sith (Black)" has to be one of my favourites.

Until next time

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Monday, 5 December 2011

Abranimations Advent Calendar #2

"On the second day of December Abranimations gave to me ...
... A Mesh Snowman Avatar.

Such a cheeky looking little chappie with the most fun 'walking' animation that is not a walk at all it is a bounce! With the bouncy nature of it I wonder if that ball at the base is made of snow or marshmallow!

To get the best giggle inducing bounce I found it is better to double tap your 'up' arrow so the snowman 'runs' rather than 'walks'.

Beautifully made and bundles of fun - I can see me wearing this one a lot over the festive season.

Until next time, 

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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Furry Project Themeory

Pumpkin has brought out a brand new item designed especially for this furry themed round of Project Themeory. Up until the end of today (Sunday) you can snap it up for just 75L$.

( [Pumpkin]I'malittle fox cloak (brown) )

Isn't it just the cutest thing ever? I love that the ears are flopped at different angles and that you can see the little fox tail resting over your shoulder. The hair is not my usual style, but is the right colour and hey, we can't have everything exactly the way we want it all the time so I'm not complaining.

I would also recommend taking a stroll around the store while you are at it. There are lots of lovely things for sale here. I was very very tempted by one of their hooded tops and will more than likely pop back soon to pick one up.

Just before I go please note that the item I've shown above is made using mesh so you will need to have a mesh supporting viewer to see it properly.

Until next time,

Abranimations Advent Calendar #1

I am super excited to see Abranimations are giving away gifts in their advent calendar again this year. Last year I caught wind of this fantastic opportunity a few days in and loved the quirky items I ended up with. This year I have been lucky enough to get the gifts from the beginning.

I am like a child at Christmas waiting with an excitable impatience for the days to roll round so I can see what goodies are inside each box. I should mention that you can only get the gift for the date you go. For example - lets say you didn't know about this advent calendar until you read my post. You will be able to get today's gift, but not the boxes that have already been opened. If you want tomorrows gift you have to go back the following day and click the right numbered box to receive it.

Here is the gift I received on 1st December which unfortunately isn't available from the calendar any longer...

"On the first day of December Abranimations gave to me ...
... A funky Comfy Chairmobile!

How sweet this is. I don't even have to get up let alone get dressed to go down the shops looking for winter bargains now. I can just reach over, grab my wallet and away we go! This is a very zippy little vehicle with animations set into it for when you turn corners. It's pretty funky to watch your avatars legs flick up and see it lean over to the side you are turning to.

This is such great fun, but I do fear with my lacking chair-driving skills I am going to end up with a few bumps and scrapes on the arms before long.

Until next time,

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Prison Break.

A super excited Kooky has broken out of her cell at Death Row Designs and been running rings around the block again...

I decided to go take a little peek around the store to see what took my fancy and this time it was a limited sale box hanging on the wall that caught my eye. As soon as the picture rezzed in properly I knew this was going to be my newest purchase.

(drd freckle avatar exclusive)

I'm over the moon to have gotten my mits on one of these glorious avatars and love that it has been made special with the addition of a one time only freckled skin. As always with the products from DrD every last one of the components has been created by Jaimy's fair hands.

I really love the huge chunk of realism captured in the texture of this hair. There is such a variety of colours and shades that all combine to really bring it to life as you can see. I also really like the "put up in a rush" feel to it. Just fannntastic!

In my opinion the freckles on the skin are bang on too. I don't know if I am too fussy for my own good or what but often times when I see freckles on a skin the shading doesn't seem quite right so they look more like little flecks of dirt or mud than they do freckles to me. That is far from the case here, however. The way they have been blended into the milky skin tone makes it an absolute joy to gaze upon.

Also, here is a little bit of information for you. 

Death Row Designs now has a VIP group. There is a one time fee of 250$L to join which I think is more than reasonable when you consider what offers they have in store for group members.

This little snippet comes straight from a notecard sent out.

VIP Members Receive:

15% Permanent Discount on all products at the Death Row Designs Mainstore (coming soon ~ 12/14/11)
Monthly unisex or male & female member(s) gift for being VIP.
Special item drops that require the VIP tag to receive.
Chance at retired DRD items for free just for being VIP.
VIP Chat where you can talk to the creator of DRD, other VIPs, and make requests for new products.

Also... special vip events, prizes and contests just for vips, and even sneak peeks from time to time.

Until next time,

Friday, 2 December 2011

Mad Hattery @ Perfect Wardrobe

As always there are lots of lovely things available during this round of "Perfect Wardrobe" but the main draw for me this time were the hats and other things that go on your head. 

(*Epic* Kawaii Knit Monkey Chapka [Hat] {Sea Green} )

I could not resist this over-sized, slightly crazy-but-super monkey hat from *Epic*. I absolutely adore this knitted texture and the way the buttons are made to look like they have a little shine to them. This item looks so plushy I want to tear it off my head and cuddle it!

Also on offer from *Epic* is a similar styled elephant hat and a pair of legwarmers in the matching sea green colour which is exclusive to this event.

( {.essences.} Unisex Winter Hat  )

This hat is the first mesh item I have ever worn and I must say I'm impressed. Perhaps I am a little behind the times, but I only very recently decided to give a mesh supporting viewer a fair crack. I'm glad I did or I would have missed out on this little beaut. The texture is lovely and I like the stitching detail too.

( [y] Mochi - Winter Pack Brown/Red )

This quite obviously isn't a hat, but in my opinion no winter wardrobe collection, SL or RL, is ever complete without a pair of ear muffs. Of course there are worse things that can happen but I really don't like having my lug holes exposed to the cold of winter so these are perfect!

Along with the Yulicie Mochie winter pack I chose there is a pack with light blonde and black hair available.

I'm off to feed Pingu and his pal some fish!

Until next time,
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