Tuesday, 29 November 2011

There's a ... Cow in my hood?

One day not so long ago I was having a little wander around the Jersey Shore sim on the hunt for a nice new hooded top. As I went past the Ducknipple store I saw a rail of nice brightly coloured sweaters and decided to go in for a better look.

Now, I have a habit of always taking items from the back of a rail rather than the front as I don't want to buy something that everyone has had their grubby little mits on. This time that little idiosyncrasy of mine paid dividends. When I pulled the sweater forwards I noticed a little extra there nestled in the hood...

This super cute little moo cow I chose to call Daisy!

This was the top for me. No doubt about that. I took the top over to the counter and got ready to pay when the lady told me a mistake had been made. Daisy shouldn't have been in the hood and wasn't for sale. Well I created a bit of a storm in a tea cup and to stop the other punters staring the lady told me to hush, tossed the top - Daisy n all - into a small bag and shoved it towards me. I paid her and walked out happily.

After finding a quiet little spot I took off my old top and put on my nice new one. Mmm! So comfy. I love the feel of new clothes against my skin. The colours are great and now if I am ever caught walking through the streets talking to myself I can explain that I'm not talking to myself, but the cow in my hood!

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