Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Snowball Fight!!

I had such a blast last night with my friends Dido and Nitro. The evening had a little of everything you could ask for; good conversation, a spot of shopping and then a whole lot of silliness in a winter themed sky sphere on Nitro's land. I have not had a giggle fit brought on by 'actions' inside of Second Life like that in a long time. At one point I was having a job to catch my breath!

We had been talking about winter hats and clothing when Dido mentioned the store C+P Casual Wear owned by her friends Catherine and Petrov. We zipped over there to look at newly released winter sweaters and were met by a wonderfully warm welcome from Catherine. 

After picking out a top each and trying them on for size we took off to the sky dome for some fun.

(Three, two, one..)

Snowball Fight!!!

Rolled clumps of snow were flying and so were we!  A good shot saw the person you pummeled shoot up in the air and then fall down again only to land in a heap on the snow. All a giggle we ran around lobbing snow at each other. Poor Nitro - ganged up on by the girls. We were determined to get him and get him we did!

After one too many snowballs in the face we decided it might be a better idea to keep warm by dancing. I was surprised at how good Nitro is at busting a move. Look at him go! Do you see how none of us trusted each other though? We all still have a snowball at the ready.

Such a graceful dancer dressed for the weather. Just one little piece of advice though Dido. Next time you are  hungry you should let me know. I would have gladly pulled a twig from the tree, stuck a marshmallow on it and toasted it over the camp fire for you. There is no need to eat your hair!

A warm bath and cup of hot cocoa with floaty marshmallows was on the cards after an evening out in the cold.  I don't think there is a better way to relax and wind down after a very memorable evening with friends.

Until next time,

*I will follow up this post with a detailed outfit quickie later.*


Dido Haas said...

Hey Kooky, yes we did have so much fun yesterday!!! Lovely sweaters we all look great in them. Love it.
Pfff I don't like marshmellows, will continue chewing my Magika hair :-)
dikke kus

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