Friday, 11 November 2011

Newbie Style Challenge

Juicy Bomb Newbie Style Challenge <== Click here for information and rules.

I'm not sure whether I will take up this challenge yet but what a fantastic idea!

Over the years I've used SL I must admit to having been rather fond of creating different looks and styles. I have a couple of other avatars I never use but just can't bare to get rid of because of their 'uniqueness'. I might just have to show you them in another post soon.

I thought I would begin by showing you three complete avatars that cost absolutely nothing and one that is just 1L$. Two of them are for people under 30 days old only but the other two are readily available for anyone to snap up.

30 days or under from Sassy! Not bad at all though she has quite large eyes and a rather a large chest! The green eyes that come in the pack are particularly nice and go so wonderfully with the red hair. There are few clothing combinations inside this box, one hair style in three different colours, three different colours of eyes and two skins. Not bad to get you up and running.

Next we have a complete avatar from Gothica. You can purchase this item for 1L on marketplace or go to the in-world store and pick it up for nothing. This is a sweet, young looking avatar that also comes with a basic AO.

30 days or under from Mean Girls. Wow!! This is a very well put together avatar even if I do say so myself. Lovely skin, a very decent starter AO, a nice shape with the slightly down turned lips which seems to be a popular thing to have at the moment. Absolutely fabulous to de-noob in one swoop. I can't believe this is free!

This final offering is available on the marketplace. At the time of me posting this it was up for grabs for just 1L$. It doesn't come with hair, but if you are going the marketplace route for fixing up your avatar Ali&Ali  always have some beautiful hair styles on offer for 0L$. I picked up Lara Hair which was free at the time of posting.

The poses used in the pictures above are a free gift from Magnifique's subscribomatic when you join.

Until next time,


Dido Haas said...

wow cool avi's for little money. You are a pro at that Kooky
dikke kus

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