Monday, 21 November 2011

A New Season, A Brand New Look

When I blogged my newbie challenge attempt a week or so ago I made mention that I might show off my alternative avatars to you in the future. Well the future has arrived - sort of. This is not one of my alts, but a very different incarnation of good ole Kook.

When I initially created her I had dabbled with the idea of trying to achieve a 'girl next door' look.  I wanted an avatar that was demure yet harboured underlying tones of sensuality. I didn't want her to be fantastically good looking or have the figure of a model, I wanted to create something a little more realistic and perhaps even some what true to my real self.

I am not entirely sure I hit the nail on the head with my creation, but even so I find her interesting to look at. To my mind she has more of a sexy librarian look or perhaps a business woman making her way up through the ranks of a company. There is an air of seriousness about her which really isn't me at all - hence the huge transformation that took place.

With the new (old) look comes a completely different set of togs, too. This in itself is a breath of fresh air and enables me to show you some clothes I otherwise never would. Rather than ripped jeans and a top of some description we have an exquisitely detailed knitted wool sweaterdress from Koketka and boots from the same designer that match beautifully. The texture used for the dress looks like it would feel so good that I would want to be able to reach through the screen and touch it!

The boots are very nicely done too with the slightly slouchy worn-before creases in them, the dark rich colours and contrasting lighter straps to give them depth and realism. I rather like this look with its autumnal feel though I fear her poor legs might get a little chilly!

Goodness I went on a bit today didn't I?

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