Friday, 18 November 2011

*Epic* Casual Kook

There are so many fantastic sales, deals and events going on around the grid at the moment it is hard to know where to begin. You have the vintage fair which is now in full swing, the mushroom hunt, grenade free wednesday, perfect wardrobe, Fifty Linden Friday (FLF) and the black market just to name a few. 
After receiving a notecard this morning I learned about the participation of *Epic* in the perfect wardrobe event and dashed over to snap myself up a super bargain. I love the creations of Jade Winthorpe and her fantastic chunky boots in particular. She has created two different versions of "Doodlebug" boots which are an exclusive to this black and white themed event. One pair has hooves for fauns/demons and the other pair is for all the foxes, nekos and other pawed creatures out there.

Aren't they super? For just 90L$ you get four different versions of these white kitty boots. They come with white paws and black socks, white paws with white socks, black paws with black socks and black paws with white socks. I think this is outstanding value considering boots that are not too different from these ones have a regular price of 419L$ a pair.

I usually wear this simple casual outfit with a pair of Duh chucks (which I highly recommend), but as the colours match up so well today I've ditched my sneakers and replaced them with these little beauties.These are going to become a staple item in my inventory I think. They are just amazing and happen to be in colours I love - mainly because black and white go with anything!

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