Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Carmageddon - Tank Style!

I was so excited to see L+N Signature Designs participating in the Sinister Steam punk hunt after their truly amazing offering in the Steam5 hunt back in August. The car they offered then more than deserved a post of its very own and the same, as I mentioned in my other post, is true here.

I go giddy, giggly and ga-ga crazy over things like this especially considering this tank has even more features than the car does!

As you can see it has a canon mounted on top and machine guns on the sides which you can fire via the HUD

(Carmageddon tank HUD)

It also flies, jumps and revs. You can honk the horn, carry passengers and then there is the piece de la resistance.

You can bobble along on your tracks at ground level as in the above picture or you can push two little buttons on the HUD (the left and right ones) that make you rise up into the air. You can go from regular tank to MONSTER TANK! Hell yeah!

(My carmageddon tank carefully navigating my Carmageddon car - both from L+N Signature Designs)

If you come across a car in the street that happens to be in your way and you consider it to nice to mulch into the ground, no problem. You can just hoick yourself up in the air and go over the top of it like a rolling bridge! Awesome!

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Dido Haas said...

aww I like to drive that car tooooooo
Let's play hide and seek and FIRE yeah
dikke kus

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