Wednesday, 30 November 2011


There is a very bouncy-with-excitement Kooky writing this post so I will try to keep it short. If I don't there is a huge likelihood of this post going on for forever and a day. I'm so stoked about the little but rather dramatic tweak I've made to Kooky. 

This hair by Dura just screams out punk neko and suits her down to the ground. I absolutely LOVE its crazy scruffy yet carefully styled design and have paired it up with a newly released outfit from Death Row Designs, I think it compliments the new look Kook perfectly. It is actually a male outfit but looks wonderful on me too.

(Apocalypse by DrD)

Boots, gloves and a belt are also included with the outfit but aren't shown here. On my feet in place of the bum boots that come in the package I have on a pair of hunt exclusive boots that are available for you to find in the store right now. There is a very small fee of 1$L for this hunt gift, but if you ask me that is a steal for the quality of the item you are getting.

(Closer look at Candy Cane 3 Hunt exclusive boots)

Until next time,


Sistienne said...

This boots are looking VERY comfortable. 100kisses to you!

Dido Haas said...

cool 'very Kooky' hair!
dikke kus

Kooky Jules said...

I'm loving this new scruffier me!

The hair, the boots, everything is super in Kooky-Land right now.

Thank you both for the comments.

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