Wednesday, 30 November 2011


There is a very bouncy-with-excitement Kooky writing this post so I will try to keep it short. If I don't there is a huge likelihood of this post going on for forever and a day. I'm so stoked about the little but rather dramatic tweak I've made to Kooky. 

This hair by Dura just screams out punk neko and suits her down to the ground. I absolutely LOVE its crazy scruffy yet carefully styled design and have paired it up with a newly released outfit from Death Row Designs, I think it compliments the new look Kook perfectly. It is actually a male outfit but looks wonderful on me too.

(Apocalypse by DrD)

Boots, gloves and a belt are also included with the outfit but aren't shown here. On my feet in place of the bum boots that come in the package I have on a pair of hunt exclusive boots that are available for you to find in the store right now. There is a very small fee of 1$L for this hunt gift, but if you ask me that is a steal for the quality of the item you are getting.

(Closer look at Candy Cane 3 Hunt exclusive boots)

Until next time,

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Winter Woolies

A closer look at the items I was wearing in my previous post Snowball Fight!

 (Goodness Kooky looks different without her shake up make-up!)

Skin - League - Taylor Sunkiss Feline
Hair - [e] - Early - Brown 09
Top - C+P Casual Wear - Winter Sweater - Red
(You get a red and a white scarf with the sweater)
Gloves - SF Designs - Fingerless gloves greyscale (tinted to match)
Jeans - Sinstyle Designs - Manglers 02 - low rise

(A closer look at the hat and the back of this wonderful winter wooly jumper)

Hat - Concrete Flowers - Sarsons Bobble Hat
 (Old item - not sure if it is still available)

Boots - Death Row Designs - Looseboots Xmas with canes

Until next time, 

Snowball Fight!!

I had such a blast last night with my friends Dido and Nitro. The evening had a little of everything you could ask for; good conversation, a spot of shopping and then a whole lot of silliness in a winter themed sky sphere on Nitro's land. I have not had a giggle fit brought on by 'actions' inside of Second Life like that in a long time. At one point I was having a job to catch my breath!

We had been talking about winter hats and clothing when Dido mentioned the store C+P Casual Wear owned by her friends Catherine and Petrov. We zipped over there to look at newly released winter sweaters and were met by a wonderfully warm welcome from Catherine. 

After picking out a top each and trying them on for size we took off to the sky dome for some fun.

(Three, two, one..)

Snowball Fight!!!

Rolled clumps of snow were flying and so were we!  A good shot saw the person you pummeled shoot up in the air and then fall down again only to land in a heap on the snow. All a giggle we ran around lobbing snow at each other. Poor Nitro - ganged up on by the girls. We were determined to get him and get him we did!

After one too many snowballs in the face we decided it might be a better idea to keep warm by dancing. I was surprised at how good Nitro is at busting a move. Look at him go! Do you see how none of us trusted each other though? We all still have a snowball at the ready.

Such a graceful dancer dressed for the weather. Just one little piece of advice though Dido. Next time you are  hungry you should let me know. I would have gladly pulled a twig from the tree, stuck a marshmallow on it and toasted it over the camp fire for you. There is no need to eat your hair!

A warm bath and cup of hot cocoa with floaty marshmallows was on the cards after an evening out in the cold.  I don't think there is a better way to relax and wind down after a very memorable evening with friends.

Until next time,

*I will follow up this post with a detailed outfit quickie later.*

There's a ... Cow in my hood?

One day not so long ago I was having a little wander around the Jersey Shore sim on the hunt for a nice new hooded top. As I went past the Ducknipple store I saw a rail of nice brightly coloured sweaters and decided to go in for a better look.

Now, I have a habit of always taking items from the back of a rail rather than the front as I don't want to buy something that everyone has had their grubby little mits on. This time that little idiosyncrasy of mine paid dividends. When I pulled the sweater forwards I noticed a little extra there nestled in the hood...

This super cute little moo cow I chose to call Daisy!

This was the top for me. No doubt about that. I took the top over to the counter and got ready to pay when the lady told me a mistake had been made. Daisy shouldn't have been in the hood and wasn't for sale. Well I created a bit of a storm in a tea cup and to stop the other punters staring the lady told me to hush, tossed the top - Daisy n all - into a small bag and shoved it towards me. I paid her and walked out happily.

After finding a quiet little spot I took off my old top and put on my nice new one. Mmm! So comfy. I love the feel of new clothes against my skin. The colours are great and now if I am ever caught walking through the streets talking to myself I can explain that I'm not talking to myself, but the cow in my hood!

Until next time,

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

On The Hunt

Today I want to share an outfit with you that has been in my wardrobe for a month or so now. I had been looking for something like this for a while with no luck at all until I found MdC by Madame du Couturier. It was one of those times I had an image in my minds eye of exactly what I wanted and though there was no lack of riding apparel around the grid achieving 'that look' had been proving rather difficult.

The meticulous attention to detail and the textures used to create this outfit are pretty stunning in my opinion. I really like the shiny look that has been achieved on the tan jodhpurs and the rich red velvet jacket that just looks as though it would feel so good beneath your finger tips. The only thing I am really lacking now is a pair of good quality riding boots to go with it. The ones I have seen so far haven't really taken my fancy so for now my hard wearing DrD looseboots2buckles will do.

(Look! No hands!)

Perhaps I should have worn the riding helmet that came with the outfit as there is lots of emphasis on health and safety these days. I suppose I am lucky in that even if I do fall off my horse there isn't much inside that noggin of mine to damage in the first place!

 The other reason I didn't wear it is I am lazy and don't have the patience to make hats fit Kooky properly. The unkempt nature of her mop makes it a tricky task so maybe I'll have to go on the hunt again soon - this time for some Kooky "hat hair"

We're off for a little jaunt; "Walk on Starseeker"

Until next time,

Monday, 21 November 2011

My Trusty Old Torn Jeans.

(Hullooo up dere KookyKat. Nice boots!)

After something a little different earlier in the day it wasn't long at all before I leapt back into my comfort zone. Out came the ripped AXE 'Break Out' jeans, shredded Immerschoen Girl - Grunge Wool Shirt and a pair of newly released  DrD Bum Boots. Mmmm. Yes. Much better.

A week or so ago now I had the privilege of having a chat with the owner of Death row Designs - Jaimy Hancroft. She had been very busy for a couple of days previous building a brand new home for her store (which is fab by the way). Not only did she create the new store with a prison theme she also planned and built an entire urban/grunge themed sim around it in just two days! Wow. What a Star. I had a little wander around a small part of the sim this evening snapping pictures as I went. The build quality and attention to detail is absolutely amazing. I love it and definitely recommend having an explore if you happen to be in the area.

I am a big fan of accessorising my outfits which I have done here. In the picture above you can see my newly purchased 'Survivor bag' from [Bubble] which I picked up at Zombiepopcorn in their Zombiepopcorn brands post apocalyptic themed sale. The bag also comes with arm straps which I'm not wearing. Instead I added my alley cat bracers from Catnip, my +DV8+ Deathrock kitty tail (a staple in my inventory for obvious reasons), a belt from Pepper and a DrD neko legstrap - whew!

As I was walking around the new Death Row sim I realised just how tired I was after a long and busy day. After a while I spotted a clapped out car and figured it was as good a place as any to have a rest and watch the clouds of smog rush past the stars. I think I might be here for a while so...

Until next time,

A New Season, A Brand New Look

When I blogged my newbie challenge attempt a week or so ago I made mention that I might show off my alternative avatars to you in the future. Well the future has arrived - sort of. This is not one of my alts, but a very different incarnation of good ole Kook.

When I initially created her I had dabbled with the idea of trying to achieve a 'girl next door' look.  I wanted an avatar that was demure yet harboured underlying tones of sensuality. I didn't want her to be fantastically good looking or have the figure of a model, I wanted to create something a little more realistic and perhaps even some what true to my real self.

I am not entirely sure I hit the nail on the head with my creation, but even so I find her interesting to look at. To my mind she has more of a sexy librarian look or perhaps a business woman making her way up through the ranks of a company. There is an air of seriousness about her which really isn't me at all - hence the huge transformation that took place.

With the new (old) look comes a completely different set of togs, too. This in itself is a breath of fresh air and enables me to show you some clothes I otherwise never would. Rather than ripped jeans and a top of some description we have an exquisitely detailed knitted wool sweaterdress from Koketka and boots from the same designer that match beautifully. The texture used for the dress looks like it would feel so good that I would want to be able to reach through the screen and touch it!

The boots are very nicely done too with the slightly slouchy worn-before creases in them, the dark rich colours and contrasting lighter straps to give them depth and realism. I rather like this look with its autumnal feel though I fear her poor legs might get a little chilly!

Goodness I went on a bit today didn't I?

Until next time,

Friday, 18 November 2011

*Epic* Casual Kook

There are so many fantastic sales, deals and events going on around the grid at the moment it is hard to know where to begin. You have the vintage fair which is now in full swing, the mushroom hunt, grenade free wednesday, perfect wardrobe, Fifty Linden Friday (FLF) and the black market just to name a few. 
After receiving a notecard this morning I learned about the participation of *Epic* in the perfect wardrobe event and dashed over to snap myself up a super bargain. I love the creations of Jade Winthorpe and her fantastic chunky boots in particular. She has created two different versions of "Doodlebug" boots which are an exclusive to this black and white themed event. One pair has hooves for fauns/demons and the other pair is for all the foxes, nekos and other pawed creatures out there.

Aren't they super? For just 90L$ you get four different versions of these white kitty boots. They come with white paws and black socks, white paws with white socks, black paws with black socks and black paws with white socks. I think this is outstanding value considering boots that are not too different from these ones have a regular price of 419L$ a pair.

I usually wear this simple casual outfit with a pair of Duh chucks (which I highly recommend), but as the colours match up so well today I've ditched my sneakers and replaced them with these little beauties.These are going to become a staple item in my inventory I think. They are just amazing and happen to be in colours I love - mainly because black and white go with anything!

Until next time,

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Newbie Style Challenge - Kooky's Creation.

After a little contemplation I decided that taking up the offered challenge was something I had to do. As I mentioned in my previous post I like creating new looks and styles and you don't often have such a great reason for doing so.

I rolled up my sleeves, put on my thinking cap and went for a little wander. After a while this lovely lady slowly but surely evolved into what you see before you. I am quite happy with the result.

What I find pretty amazing is that I have achieved this look without spending a single Linden Dollar. It is only due to the generosity of designers and store owners that I have managed to do it to such a high standard. A huge huge thank you and bundles of appreciation goes out to each and every one of them. Not just the ones I chose to take up on their offers, but every single one of them that are dotted around the grid.

Style Credits
Hair - Ali&Ali - Charlotte hair Blackberry - Marketplace - 0L$
 (Free until 15th November)
Eyes - Sassy! - Part of complete under 30 days avatar - 0L$
Skin - Al vulo!- chen* blackpearl choco - group gift - 0L$
(Group free to join)
Outfit - Adn - Beauty killer (Tattoo & Boots included) - Group MM board - 0L$
(Group free to join)
Shape - Of my own creation - 0L$
AO - AX-001 Basically Girl AO - Included in mean girls complete avatar - 0L$

Pose - Magnifique - Free gift for joining the subscribomatic.

Until next time,

Friday, 11 November 2011

Newbie Style Challenge

Juicy Bomb Newbie Style Challenge <== Click here for information and rules.

I'm not sure whether I will take up this challenge yet but what a fantastic idea!

Over the years I've used SL I must admit to having been rather fond of creating different looks and styles. I have a couple of other avatars I never use but just can't bare to get rid of because of their 'uniqueness'. I might just have to show you them in another post soon.

I thought I would begin by showing you three complete avatars that cost absolutely nothing and one that is just 1L$. Two of them are for people under 30 days old only but the other two are readily available for anyone to snap up.

30 days or under from Sassy! Not bad at all though she has quite large eyes and a rather a large chest! The green eyes that come in the pack are particularly nice and go so wonderfully with the red hair. There are few clothing combinations inside this box, one hair style in three different colours, three different colours of eyes and two skins. Not bad to get you up and running.

Next we have a complete avatar from Gothica. You can purchase this item for 1L on marketplace or go to the in-world store and pick it up for nothing. This is a sweet, young looking avatar that also comes with a basic AO.

30 days or under from Mean Girls. Wow!! This is a very well put together avatar even if I do say so myself. Lovely skin, a very decent starter AO, a nice shape with the slightly down turned lips which seems to be a popular thing to have at the moment. Absolutely fabulous to de-noob in one swoop. I can't believe this is free!

This final offering is available on the marketplace. At the time of me posting this it was up for grabs for just 1L$. It doesn't come with hair, but if you are going the marketplace route for fixing up your avatar Ali&Ali  always have some beautiful hair styles on offer for 0L$. I picked up Lara Hair which was free at the time of posting.

The poses used in the pictures above are a free gift from Magnifique's subscribomatic when you join.

Until next time,

Thursday, 10 November 2011

More Sinster Steam.

As much as I enjoy mooching around the grid in my casual clobber there are times when I feel a desire to dress up a little bit. It doesn't happen all that often but as soon as I put on the sinister suit gift from Cosmic Steam Designs I felt surprisingly comfortable in it. What I really like about this suit is the cravat and how it has been shaped to rest over the chest of the female form. I often find items like this tricky to adjust so they fit my little Kooky shape properly but with this suit that was certainly not the case. My hat (well if I wore one) would be tipped for a job well done. Jolly good show chaps!

Like all girls I enjoy accessorising my outfits a little to give them a bit of my own flare and personality. In this case I've added the "Sinister eye patch with plate" which is part of the hunt gift from Jolbey and Jasper. I think that it compliments the look well. It is almost as if they were made for each other.

I thought I'd take the opportunity in the picture above to show you the suit in all of its glory as well as some more of this very impressive setting.

I'd also like to say a big thank you to all the designers and creative minds out there that all work together to organise and make these hunts a huge success. They are fun to take part in, they bring stores I might not otherwise find to my attention too which was the case with L+N Signature Designs in the Steam punk hunts and one of my favourite stores - Death row Designs in a different one. I mention DrD as I've finished off my formal look with their lazyboots shoe version. Now I'm ready to walk the cobbled streets and explore a little. I might even pop in the pub for a pint before I go home.

Until next time,

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Carmageddon - Tank Style!

I was so excited to see L+N Signature Designs participating in the Sinister Steam punk hunt after their truly amazing offering in the Steam5 hunt back in August. The car they offered then more than deserved a post of its very own and the same, as I mentioned in my other post, is true here.

I go giddy, giggly and ga-ga crazy over things like this especially considering this tank has even more features than the car does!

As you can see it has a canon mounted on top and machine guns on the sides which you can fire via the HUD

(Carmageddon tank HUD)

It also flies, jumps and revs. You can honk the horn, carry passengers and then there is the piece de la resistance.

You can bobble along on your tracks at ground level as in the above picture or you can push two little buttons on the HUD (the left and right ones) that make you rise up into the air. You can go from regular tank to MONSTER TANK! Hell yeah!

(My carmageddon tank carefully navigating my Carmageddon car - both from L+N Signature Designs)

If you come across a car in the street that happens to be in your way and you consider it to nice to mulch into the ground, no problem. You can just hoick yourself up in the air and go over the top of it like a rolling bridge! Awesome!

Until next time,

Sinister Steam

From the 1st to the 30th of this month there is a great hunt going on filled with steampunk goodies. I enjoyed participating in the Steam5 hunt back in August so leapt at the chance of bulking out the Steampunk folder in my inventory some more.

 The Sinister Steampunk Hunt consists of 29 stores which have provided a variety of top quality items for your pleasure. There are clothes and shoes, furniture and a skydome, textures and a skin as well as another absolutely awesome vehicle which I think deserves to have its very own post cos I LOVE it. 

But for now...

Hmmm. I seem to have forgotten where I parked my plane. Perhaps raiding the cargo hold and taking advantage of the duty free shops after I landed wasn't such a great idea after all.

 The outfit can be found at Destiny's Designs. Take the teleporter to the left of the landing spot to get up to the shop.

The boots are from Ziva’s Underground Footware and the goggles worn around my neck were an item from the Steam5 hunt by Jolbey and Jasper - who also feature in this hunt.

Until next time,
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