Wednesday, 12 October 2011

On Death Row with Dido

Lately I've been like a kid with a pumpkin shaped bucket full of sugary treats but it's not the sugar rush that is fuelling my excitement. It's the fact that I have found an abundance of things that appeal to my kooky style around the grid - the majority of which can be found under one roof. You got it. I'm going to mention that store again - Death row Designs, brought to us by Jaimy Hancroft.

Earlier this week Dido and I found ourselves at a loose end so we did what we always do when we're in that situation - We went and had some fun!

 (Grunge Galore and Urban Chic.)

After nagging about how great DrD is I managed to twist Dido's arm enough to get her to accompany me to the store. We had a good look around the fantastic variety of products on offer from the skins and tattoo layers that would be a perfect addition to any Halloween costume to the clothing and accessories. Both of us came away with one of the many very reasonably priced outfits. Dido is wearing DrD's "Urban Chic" and "Bootslazyregblue" and I have on DrD's "Grunge Galore" Don't we look spiffy?

We decided that we'd both blog the items we had purchased which is something I find fun to do. It's super to see how our artistic eye varies when given the same setting and poses. I could hardly wait to see what Dido came up with and I know she is eager to see my post too.

 ( I wonder if Dido likes what she sees!)

As you can see from the picture above the items at DrD weren't all Dido had her eye on. She's got her eyes on the rear end of a kitteh! Caught you Dido! Hahahaha! I guess I could be wrong in that however. She could have been checking out the very realistic looking rips in my jeans where the bum pockets would usually be.

I had such fun hanging and snapping far too many pictures. Picking which ones to post for you to see was a toughie this time around. The DrD shop, just like the products within, is handsomely made and I wanted to show it of a little.

 ( Kooky & Dido at the DrD entrance)

Just before I sign off in my usual fashion here is a first for me -

Dido is wearing -

DrD - Urban chic outfit
DrD - Bootslazyregblue

LouLou&co, League, Miel, Kosh bracelets
Glow studio - Dove necklace black
Acide - Jam grey facial piercings

Plastik Aleksandra Beta skin - Fawn

Truth Tess hair - clove
PC Moon eyes - lavender
Collisions 'As you Wish' tattoo

Kooky is wearing -

Outfit - DrD Grunge galore
Choker - Yabusaka Alphabet changer belt choker
Shoes - Crickets skate sneakers

Skin - League Sunkiss - Taylor
Hair - Truth Isle - Espresso
Eyes -Ethereal Eyes - Sudachi
Face tattoo - Shake Up Kitty Attack
Ears - K&L casual ears
Tail - DV8 Deathrock kitteh

Until next time,


Dido Haas said...

Awww Kooky I love your blog sooo much, your lines are too funny, made me laugh and NOOOO I was NOT looking at your 'tail' pffffff ^^
dikke kus

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