Sunday, 9 October 2011

Kooky Clobber #6

I have been wanting to share this look with you all for a while now and yet finding a setting to take some pictures that seemed appropriate eluded me until now. I was wandering around a role play sim and came across this park. It reminded me of those days after school where all I wanted to do was get out and play not carry on with another hour or two of homework.

If my uniform had been more like this outfit from Bare Rose I would have been far happier wearing it. I disliked being 'forced' into wearing a skirt (girls at my school weren't allowed to wear trousers back then) and the fact it had to be no shorter than two inches above the knee only added to that agony. I will never forget those 'mini tires' around all the girls' waists where skirts had been rolled up goodness knows how many times to make us, as pre-teens, look less like we were wearing the skirt of a middle aged woman.

A must with all the walking from class to class was a comfortable and hard wearing pair of shoes. Boots like these ones from Death row Designs would have been perfect for the job and far more my style than the ones with buckles I used to wear. I wanted to share a close up shot so you can see the quality of work that has gone into producing them. I really like the urban styling, the textures used inside and out as well as the unfastened laces. That is such a nice little touch. These have fast become a favourite in my inventory. I love 'em!

The park was pretty empty today and I had no one to teeter the totter with. At least I got to play for a while before anyone noticed me. I am a little old to be playing on the slides, swings and seesaws these days. That doesn't mean I don't WANT to though, in fact, that is about as far from the truth as it gets. The body might not be so willing but I'm definitely still a kid at heart!

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