Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I'm So Excited...

... And I just can't hide it...

I had some absolutely wonderful news in the middle of last week and I'm not entirely sure how I've managed to keep it tucked away inside and (almost) all to myself until now. I suppose it has something to do with a busy weekend in the 'real world', but that's another story entirely.

Having bottled it up for a few days this happy news manifested itself in the form of a maniacal five minutes. I was bouncing around, performing back flips with the help of my super funky AO and just generally being a fruit loop when disaster struck!

I took a tumble which was not my fault at all. I didn't fall because I never bother to tie my boot laces I fell because of...uhhh...lag.Yeah, lag. That's it!

(DrD "Battered" Tattoo layer)

Sings " I fought the floor and the floor won."
I know that's not the right words, but they are fitting given the situation.

Anyone would think I'd gone twelve rounds in a boxing ring and I'd far rather let then believe that than have them find out the truth. Admitting you took a tumble, especially as a kitty, when you are always supposed to land on your feet is totally embarrassing. So Shhhh. Please don't tell anyone.

(Back of "Battered" Tattoo layer and DrD cute wristbands)
(Looks a little like I'm licking my wounds better. Teehee!)

Really, I should consider myself lucky because the injuries are nothing a few band aids and a bottle of TCP can't fix. If any of you have ever had the (dis)pleasure of smelling that stuff you'll know that people will be avoiding me for a few days to come, but hey at least my wounds will heal up bug free.

Anyway! To my good news!

I can very proudly announce that I have been chosen as a Death Row Designs blogger! This is an amazing opportunity and I can't thank the owner of DrD, Jaimy Hancroft, enough for giving it to me. I am absolutely over the moon and will do my utmost to show the products in all of their glory both on my blog and in world as I wear them with pride.

Until next time,
A very happy


Dido Haas said...

Congrats Kooky !!!!!
Dikke kus

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