Saturday, 8 October 2011


The name of the place says it all!

(Unique and awesome I LOVE this place)

When I first walked through the doors of GHOST the warmth of the welcome I received was overwhelming. It was as though I had been going there for years and was already part of the old family furniture. That in my mind is not an easy thing to achieve in either real or second life.

After a summer slumber GHOST rose from its dormant state for its first birthday bash this weekend. I don't know how the other patrons or the owner and her staff felt, but for me the wait for the return of this fabulous place was agonising and could not come quickly enough. I was having GHOST withdrawals!

If I wore a hat I would definitely take it off to the owner of GHOST, Megan Release, and all of her staff. Their love and dedication to the cause and club is apparent where ever you look; from the website to the building itself, the music, the banter with patrons and the atmosphere they create. It makes you want to get involved and join in as you hear and watch them work their magic.

I honestly don't think I have ever seen staff that enjoy themselves as much as the managers, DJ's, Ghostesses and dancers here. I must warn you though, if you plan a visit - which I highly recommend -  pack yourself some clean dry undies you'll be needing them. The GHOST girls are hotter than the 'sins' they commit. If you happen to forget your dry clothing don't fret too much. I am pretty sure that one of the dancers will be more than willing to lend you the shirt off their back, the skirt off the hips..Mmmm... Where was I again? Oh yeah...

If you are stuck for something to do GHOST is the place to be. It is open on wednesdays, fridays and saturdays. It is an all female club though they do have nights and events where both genders are more than welcome to attend. 

The music, staff and people that frequent the club make it a very unique and awesome place to dance, hang out, meet new people and be tormented and teased in the most tantalising of ways. I am certain you will be made to feel as though you just came home whether it is your first or fourty fifth visit. I feel like part of the family and hope you will come and be a part of it too.

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