Sunday, 16 October 2011

Emily just got stranger with a twist of Kook.

I was introduced to the Emily the Strange line of products by a friend some time ago now. There is something rather charming about that little cartoon girl and her four black cats. It's not so much how she looks - though her harsh fringe, little black dress and ill fitting mary janes are somehow cute - but what she stands for, individuality.

I had heard that the FTLO... (For The Love Of) hunt was on again only this time with a twist. It had been dubbed with the tag "Boo for 2" which means that each participating store would create two items, one for each sex, offering one as a hunt gift and the other at a low price in the tents above the main hunt area. When I saw the fantastic vampire princess avatar (comes with anime style head, skin, shape and ear add ons)  from Esuga I couldn't resist snapping it up for a mere 100L$. The instant I put it on, for some reason, I was reminded of Emily the Strange.

I had some hair in my inventory that was a perfect fit for my Emily theme and decided that as the avatar was a Vampire princess I'd add my own little twist. The bloody corset is something I had in my inventory for quite some time and the bloody jeans from SiniStyle were a new purchase to help make the look complete. Right at the bottom I'm donning the boots from DrD yet again. They are so versatile that I've not had a need to change them when I've switched outfits lately. Did I mention how much I love them? I think I may have done once or twice.

The face of this avatar is so cute that I couldn't do a post about it without showing you a close up. With the way this avatar has been constructed I think it has versatility written all over it. I am sure it would look the part whether bloodied up like mine or dressed in a Gothic inspired Lolita dress with pretty little shoes.

That's about it for now I think. 
Until next time,


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