Saturday, 8 October 2011

Alternative Kooky #7

Growing up I could never quite understand why or what it was that made other kids scared of clowns. To me they were just giant goof balls that did silly things so that the likes of me would laugh at their expense. Perhaps that was due to me growing up knowing clowns from kids parties I went to. All they did was make balloon animals and squirt water out of a flower on their chest at the 'naughty kids'.

Then there was Ronald McDonald and his group of friends who always managed to fend off the Hamburglar. Thick milkshake anyone?

(Look into my (repulse) eyes....)

Looking back at it now I wonder why I wasn't scared like some of the other kids were. Surely it is a little bit frightening to look up and see a dude with a smile wider than your head is big.  Then there is the giant ball of candy floss like hair; get too close to that and you could end up trapped forever by its stickiness like a fly in a spiders web eek!. Then we get to the clothing. One clown shoe is surely big enough to harbour a youngster at night. What a unique bed that would be!  Finally we have the trousers. That brightly coloured, wide waisted abyss of material. It would be easy to get lost inside those for months!

After finding the gift apple for the Macabre hunt at my new favourite store - Death Row Designs - I instantly wanted to create a look around the fun but gory item I had received. I decided it would be the perfect addition for a scary (and kinda funny) Halloween clown!

(gory face - the drd macabre hunt gift)

Ewww no wonder kids are scared of clowns - that manky half rotten face would be enough to make any one run a mile. Doesn't she have surprisingly good teeth though all things considered!

The afro hair was a steal at 10L from the market place. The skin was another gift on the Macabre hunt from Pie Hole, and the outfit was from a costume shop in world.

(Had to take a snap so you could see the shoes - aren't they great??)

I am really pleased with how my freaky clown turned out and I can't wait to wear this over the coming weeks to the numerous Halloween themed parties that are going to take place. It should be fun, lots of fun!

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