Sunday, 11 September 2011

Steam5 #1

This weekend I decided to make a start on unpacking the gifts I've found so far on the Steam5 hunt. I really hadn't planned on showing any of them on my blog but there have been a couple so far that have roused the old excitement bubbles within me. Today I want to share a few snaps of an absolutely fantastic vehicle I came across - the name was enough to make me think oooooh this is gonna be a good'un and it most certainly is.

I present "CARMAGEDDON" from L+N Signature Designs

I absolutely adore the styling of this car (which can also fly) with all of the weaponry upon it. As you can see there is a mounted cannon on top and a gun on either side both of which can be fired using buttons on a HUD that comes with it. As an alley cat living in a rough part of town I can now cruise the streets in comfort, style and relative safety.

I thought I would show you a shot of the back too. I really like the use of different angles, shapes and colours in the build. If I were to be super dooper critical the only thing I could possibly say in the negative about this whole thing is the exhaust pipes. I like the shape and I like the way they are attached to the car body but they are a bit 'clean and shiny' for my liking. They just don't seem to fit in with the grungy, made from rusted corrugated iron, styling of the rest of the car.

It amazes me that someone would take the time to create such a top quality item to give it away for nothing. Wow. I would have gladly paid for this and been a very happy camper afterwards too.

The textures on this thing are amazing and along with being able to shoot stuff, drive and fly this vehicle you can also open the doors, bonnet and boot as well.

Happy motoring,


Dido Haas said...

love the photos and the setting, cool!!
dikke kus

Kooky Jules said...

Aww thank you for the comments Dido.

I was very happy with how these pictures turned out. So much so one is my desktop background for

Have a great holiday!

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