Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Steam Hunt #3

After not being in SL for a few days I've come back and finally finished the Steam5 Hunt. Hurrah! Though I visited each and every one of the 195 shops I didn't quite manage to find every single gift that was available. Some of the gifts I just could not find for love nor money and others just held little appeal to me - like the texture package gifts some of the stores were offering.

Over all I must say I really did enjoy this hunt and not only did I find some fab new additions for my inventory I also met a few really cool people along the way too.

Below are a few snaps of my favourite things from the hunt. I think that my most favourite item has to be the car I already blogged about, but then again I like the avatars and the clothes and the pacemaker!

(Mad Pea Coffee To Go )

(Hudson's pacemaker & PunkD outfit)

(Steam Whimsy Steambug Avatar)

(Camilla's Richard (The dress from Camilla's was shown here)

I also want to give a special mention to Steam Powered Nuts which was a store in the hunt. If you like Steam Punk, fantasy armour, urban outfits or vehicles this place could be for you! The quality is outstanding! I can see me spending a lotta lindens in that place I tell you. 

I already purchased the Brass collection box which comes with all sorts of awesome steam punk items from boots, glasses and hats to wings and rocket back packs. I want to find something of greater quality to wear under the funky prim parts, but for now the simple brown trousers and top I found at the shop will do.

(Steam Powered Nuts stuff)

Until next time, 
A very steamy


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