Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mega Micro Fun, Mini Budget.

Whether you are the kind of person that likes fun and quirky things on the cheap or are someone that likes to look before you leap into making a fairly sizable purchase you might well be interested in this post.

To get yourself going with a fully articulated micro avatar will cost in the region of 1000L$ by the time you purchase the avatar itself then some clothes, hair and other odds and ends to personalise it. A while back I found some other micro avatars that are not in the same league as the SEC fox or the HOF real pixie, but they are still great fun and will give you an idea of what it is like to run around the grid knee high to a grasshopper.

The avatars pictured below can be found at Grendel's in the 'tinies' section where avatars range from 0 L$ to 250 L$. 

(Wind up Turtle - 25L$. Probably my favourite.)

(Wind up Roach - 13L$)

(Wind up Ostrich - 25L$.)

Dido and I had fun running around as a pair of Grendel's rabbits at Easter time nibbling the soles of peoples shoes and trying to sniff out carrots from strangers. We had so much fun that it had me in fits of laughter in RL. So much so I had tears streaming from my eyes at one point.

(Tiny Bunnies - 2L$)

These are just a few of the ones I brought from Grendel's. There is an extensive range of avatars at this shop so if you are an avatar collector, or just like something different now and again I would certainly recommend a trip here. You get a lot for your lindens - Great quality and endless hours of fun!

Finally here is micro fox stood by the same box as the Grendel's avatars so you can get a rough idea of the scale of them.

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