Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mates & Micros

Last night I got to spend some quality time with my dear friend Dido and her friend Fabio. This was the first opportunity we'd had to get together since I brought my micro avatars and I was super excited to show them off.  It was fantastic that Fabio came along too as it meant I had two people to parade around in front of in all my minture glory.

(Here we all are!)

When you purchase the SEC Micro Fox you get lots of goodies in the box. For your linden dollars you get both male and female fox body parts in three colours, three types of hair, four different ear styles, the HUD which has all kinds of functions and a big box of goodies. One of the items inside the box is a thing called a micro carrier which is exactly what it says on the tin. With the micro carrier a regular sized avatar can pick up their little bitty pal and carry them around. Just like you can see in the snaps above and below. Inside the carrier there are a couple of animations for when you are walking so the micro is either in your arms or on your shoulder and several poses that are great for getting comfortable together and provide a very solid foundation for some picture taking which we all did.

You can see some of the pictures and hear from Dido on her blog. The post "OMG she shrank!"  relates to our fun last night and just for the record it was Dido's idea to pull Fabio's chest hair I just happened to be in prime position to do it!

(*tug tug!*)

Dido is considering the purchase of a micro avatar and I really do hope that she (and others) will take the plunge. I must admit that I was a little skeptical at first. I thought being that small would be utterly annoying but with the camera function on the HUD you can see the world perfectly well, just from a different position. There is clothing that needs some work to wear using a thing called 'safety pin' (which is an area I have yet to explore) and then there are other outfits like the one I'm wearing from Micro Paws (above) and Dreamscaped Designs (below) that fits perfectly using the 'add' button when you right click the item in your inventory.

(I really like this picture of Dido. Isn't she pretty!)

One thing I do want to see is if you can use couples dance balls as a pair of micros but I've currently not been able to test that one. See? Another reason Dido should go micro!

Until next time,


Dido Haas said...

I couldn't resist laughing when I read this post Microkook too funny ^^
And nope I did not suggest to pull Fabio's chest hair, I only encouraged you coz I saw the twinkle in your micro eyes pfffff
Dikke kus

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