Monday, 12 September 2011

Kooky Clobber #5

When thinking about fairy tales I have never seen myself as the damsel in distress.I'd be more likely to take up the role of the hero; slashing through thick forest and scaling high walls to rescue a pretty girl from the top of a castle tower.

I learned today that until the 17th of this month Bare Rose is holding a mini-hunt for the armour above. Of course being a huge fan of Bare Rose clothing and fun costumes I rushed straight over to begin my adventure.

This hunt is relatively straight forward and consists of four different phases. During three you gather up various parts of the armor set - which has both male and female versions included - and the final one sees you earn a ridable dragon mount which is not shown here.

As you can see above I've broken out Kooky boy to show you the male version. This time round he is wearing a group gift skin from LaVie. I think the facial hair works well with the armour to complete the look.

Happy hunting fellow adventurers!

Until next time,


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