Friday, 2 September 2011

Kooky Clobber #4

After another long and frustrating week at work it was finally time to head over to the Old Mother Hen for a few drinks. I caught the number 73 into town and went past Marks n Sparks on the way to the pub when my attention was drawn to the other end of the street. Something wasn't right. Checking back over my shoulder I could see smoke billowing out from behind the BP garage and hear the faint shrieks of people in distress. 

I shot into the public loos (which were very conveniently close by), ripped open my suit carrier and got changed into my figure hugging lycra number and cape that I just happened to have with me. In a matter of seconds I was at the scene using my super human powers to put out the raging fires, rescue the trapped people and move everyone to a safe distance just incase the fuel tanks went KaBOOM!

SuperKook saves the day and makes a quick exit before pictures are snapped to put in tomorrow's local rag.

I'm parched. It must be time to go have that pint now. Just before I go though I am going to take a slight detour...

(BareRose Superhero Costume)

Wayne Enterprises? Pffft! Anything Batman can do SuperKook can do better!

Until next time,


Dido Haas said...

I had so much fun reading! Love it!!!!!!!!!
Big big big smile

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