Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Home Sweet Home

One thing I have been disappointed by in Second Life is the lack of a fun place for me, as a neko, to hang out. There are plenty of general places to go of course but what I had in mind and hoped to find was a playground of sorts where kitty cats could meet up, make friends and play. I envisioned a place with things to climb, boxes you could hide or lounge about in, big comfortable seating areas, balls of string to pounce, butterflies to chase, that kind of thing. As I couldn't find what I was looking for I decided I would create my own and call it home.

Where things like this are concerned I get tunnel vision. I get an image in my head of how I want the space to look and then scour far and wide for the right items to bring that vision to life. It took time and patience to create what has become my home but now it is a place I really enjoy being whether I am with my friends or alone.

I should also mention that I have a small plot of land so the amount of prims I had available to me was minimal. That was another fun challenge - to find great looking low prim items to furnish my play den with.

I think that the grungy urban environment I have created for Kooky to reside in is just about perfect for her.It suits her and fits nicely with her slightly more feral/alley cat look. I can't imagine Kooky living in a huge mansion, so I didn't give her one - meanie that I am. 

This is my simple seating area. Everything here has that 'well used' look about it as you can see. I think it goes great with the old wooden floorboards and brick walls. I'd had the rug for a while and then brought a furniture set from KOSH. I didn't realise that the rug and furniture set used the same texture at the time of purchase. That part was just jolly good luck!

Box kitty and Urban Kitty, both from Obsidian Desires, provide lots of fun for the neko in me. Every prim surface of this furniture is loaded with an animation. There are sitting animations, laying animations, animations that make you look like you're doing gymnastics or yoga and even a couple that make you look like you are using the upright prims as a scratching post. The animation set into the sand box is interesting to say the very least. Worms anyone?

I added the ::OD:: 'basket case' cat basket to the sheltered area along with a milk bowl to drink from. If you look closely through the window you can just about see the top of my milk churn. This kitteh gots the cream!

The little yellow spot there on the floor is actually my ball of yarn. No kitty should ever be without one in my opinion. You can purchase them in a variety of colours from Nexx. A cuddle rug was something I wanted to have in my home, but finding one that was not 'clean' and perfect was probably the hardest task I had in the end. Luckily this worn out one from The Dreamers Creations fit the bill perfectly.

The metal frame there ready and waiting to be climbed on is another item from Obsidian Desires called Hangar Kitty. Like with the other items this thing is just bursting with animations and waiting to be attacked by the next kitty to pounce.

There is nothing like knocking ten bells of catnip out of a heavy leather sack when you are frustrated. If you are lucky by the end of it you will have a little pile of herbs on the floor that will make you completely forget what you were frustrated about in the first place. Ahhhh! My very own catnip piñata what more could a girl ask for?

Well that's about it for the tour of Kooky's hangout. I hope it will give you nekos and neko lovers out there ideas on how to keep the feline in you/your life happy.

Until next time,

Oh! And just incase you are interested I believe the prim count of everything you can see in the pictures is 154. Not bad at all eh?


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