Friday, 23 September 2011

Bargain Bunker #2

Yesterday I went on one of my aimless sim hopping jaunts around the grid and stumbled across something that got me rather excited! I am not sure why I ended up where I did, but I ended up at a sandbox that leans greatly towards furries - Curious Sandbox, brought to you by Curious Inc. Upon first inspection it seemed pretty empty and green, so very green! I have to admit that the lack of things there and all the green was more than made up for by the surprise that was 'hidden' inside a shop right next to the landing spot.

After having a quick browse through the vendors I noticed a couple of boxes sitting on the floor.  I wasn't expecting much, but being a curious soul I couldn't resist clicking on them to see what was inside. Having received the contents I proceed to put it on. 

To my amazement not only did the box contain a complete furry avatar but a good quality one at that. I would go so far as to say it is probably the best free furry avatar I've ever come across - not that I've seen a great many. From the look of the pictures on the vendors in the shop I would certainly say it was, or is, on a par with them. And, as a bonus, to top the sugar coating with a succulent cherry it just so happened that the avatar was a kitty. Yay!

I think this avatar has such a cute face with its lil button nose and big, bright, almost expressive eyes. You can change the eye colour using a HUD that comes with it. It is not the best or the easiest thing in the world to use or make sense of, but it certainly performs the function it was created for. I also took some time to adjust the ears as they were a little on the tall side for my liking.

I really like the fluffy forearms and pads on the paws. The whiskers on the face and wispy eyebrows are a sweet touch too. After closer inspection of the skin that comes with it I realised that it is better quality than I had initially thought. There is definition to the torso giving it shape and they've even drawn on a cute little belly button. Awww! 

This avatar was a more than pleasant surprise. I like it rather a lot! Having added some hair and a simple outfit I have a full furry Kooky cat, and very cute she looks too!

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