Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Bargain Bunker #1

Generally speaking I am a rather thrifty shopper and enjoy hunting out bargain buys. There are of course times when I splash out on a "must have item", but usually I try to invest my linden dollars wisely. I've found stuffing a 'key word' into marketplace a great way to find new stores, items and bargains I'd not be likely to find  using the search feature in-world. It was that exact method I used recently to find the item that is to feature in this post.

What a cute little RoboBug! Isn't it neat and well put together? I have always liked full body armour suits like this. In fact it kinda reminds me of a character I made once on an MMO called City of Heroes. (which is going free to play soon - yay!)


( I was playing with windlight settings and think the armour looks cool with a splash of colour)

Anyway! Before now I have shown a bit of will power and stop myself from buying avatars of similar quality to this one because I'ma frugal beast. I understand only too well that these kinda things take a lot of time, effort, patience and creative flare to put together and the price often reflects that, but for someone that would only wear it once in a blue moon, rather than wearing it or role playing in it regularly, it doesn't seem worth investing lots of lindens in.

So I didn't. I could not believe it when I looked at how much this thing cost to see it was only 100L. This is one of a good few avatars they sell along these sci-fi lines. The others (one of which is pictured below) are for the guys. Shame there aren't more female armours. Maybe in the future, eh?

The store is called 7PLUS and can be found both on marketplace and in-world. If you like big hulking avatars and/or sci-fi armours of awesomeness it is certainly worthy of a browse.

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