Friday, 23 September 2011

Bargain Bunker #2

Yesterday I went on one of my aimless sim hopping jaunts around the grid and stumbled across something that got me rather excited! I am not sure why I ended up where I did, but I ended up at a sandbox that leans greatly towards furries - Curious Sandbox, brought to you by Curious Inc. Upon first inspection it seemed pretty empty and green, so very green! I have to admit that the lack of things there and all the green was more than made up for by the surprise that was 'hidden' inside a shop right next to the landing spot.

After having a quick browse through the vendors I noticed a couple of boxes sitting on the floor.  I wasn't expecting much, but being a curious soul I couldn't resist clicking on them to see what was inside. Having received the contents I proceed to put it on. 

To my amazement not only did the box contain a complete furry avatar but a good quality one at that. I would go so far as to say it is probably the best free furry avatar I've ever come across - not that I've seen a great many. From the look of the pictures on the vendors in the shop I would certainly say it was, or is, on a par with them. And, as a bonus, to top the sugar coating with a succulent cherry it just so happened that the avatar was a kitty. Yay!

I think this avatar has such a cute face with its lil button nose and big, bright, almost expressive eyes. You can change the eye colour using a HUD that comes with it. It is not the best or the easiest thing in the world to use or make sense of, but it certainly performs the function it was created for. I also took some time to adjust the ears as they were a little on the tall side for my liking.

I really like the fluffy forearms and pads on the paws. The whiskers on the face and wispy eyebrows are a sweet touch too. After closer inspection of the skin that comes with it I realised that it is better quality than I had initially thought. There is definition to the torso giving it shape and they've even drawn on a cute little belly button. Awww! 

This avatar was a more than pleasant surprise. I like it rather a lot! Having added some hair and a simple outfit I have a full furry Kooky cat, and very cute she looks too!

Until next time,

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Bargain Bunker #1

Generally speaking I am a rather thrifty shopper and enjoy hunting out bargain buys. There are of course times when I splash out on a "must have item", but usually I try to invest my linden dollars wisely. I've found stuffing a 'key word' into marketplace a great way to find new stores, items and bargains I'd not be likely to find  using the search feature in-world. It was that exact method I used recently to find the item that is to feature in this post.

What a cute little RoboBug! Isn't it neat and well put together? I have always liked full body armour suits like this. In fact it kinda reminds me of a character I made once on an MMO called City of Heroes. (which is going free to play soon - yay!)


( I was playing with windlight settings and think the armour looks cool with a splash of colour)

Anyway! Before now I have shown a bit of will power and stop myself from buying avatars of similar quality to this one because I'ma frugal beast. I understand only too well that these kinda things take a lot of time, effort, patience and creative flare to put together and the price often reflects that, but for someone that would only wear it once in a blue moon, rather than wearing it or role playing in it regularly, it doesn't seem worth investing lots of lindens in.

So I didn't. I could not believe it when I looked at how much this thing cost to see it was only 100L. This is one of a good few avatars they sell along these sci-fi lines. The others (one of which is pictured below) are for the guys. Shame there aren't more female armours. Maybe in the future, eh?

The store is called 7PLUS and can be found both on marketplace and in-world. If you like big hulking avatars and/or sci-fi armours of awesomeness it is certainly worthy of a browse.

Until next time,

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Steam Hunt #3

After not being in SL for a few days I've come back and finally finished the Steam5 Hunt. Hurrah! Though I visited each and every one of the 195 shops I didn't quite manage to find every single gift that was available. Some of the gifts I just could not find for love nor money and others just held little appeal to me - like the texture package gifts some of the stores were offering.

Over all I must say I really did enjoy this hunt and not only did I find some fab new additions for my inventory I also met a few really cool people along the way too.

Below are a few snaps of my favourite things from the hunt. I think that my most favourite item has to be the car I already blogged about, but then again I like the avatars and the clothes and the pacemaker!

(Mad Pea Coffee To Go )

(Hudson's pacemaker & PunkD outfit)

(Steam Whimsy Steambug Avatar)

(Camilla's Richard (The dress from Camilla's was shown here)

I also want to give a special mention to Steam Powered Nuts which was a store in the hunt. If you like Steam Punk, fantasy armour, urban outfits or vehicles this place could be for you! The quality is outstanding! I can see me spending a lotta lindens in that place I tell you. 

I already purchased the Brass collection box which comes with all sorts of awesome steam punk items from boots, glasses and hats to wings and rocket back packs. I want to find something of greater quality to wear under the funky prim parts, but for now the simple brown trousers and top I found at the shop will do.

(Steam Powered Nuts stuff)

Until next time, 
A very steamy

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Alternative Kooky #6 - Steam5 #2

I want to ride my bicycle!
I want to ride my bike..
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like!

Riding this bike on the road with the maniacal drivers of today bombing past is out of the question. A brush with the curb or unwanted meeting with a drain cover could be a recipe for disaster.

So! Back in time we go.

Today I thought I would have a go at being a steampunkyfied Victorian lady taking a slow, gentle ride through the streets on my penny farthing while wearing my Sunday best.

I have no idea what possessed me to wear a dress while riding. What a silly thing to do! Just think of the things that could have happened. I mean what if I fell off? - Elegantly of course, I am a lady today after all :-)

I might have required the assistance of a kind passer by to help bunk me back up onto the saddle. I know one good turn deserves another and all of that but goodness help them should they try to steal a peek up my skirts while they were helping out.

I wanted to share these fun items from the Steam5 hunt with you and let you know that it's a rare thing to catch 'me' in a dress so make the most of it!

I'm off to find some trousers!

Until next time,

Monday, 12 September 2011

Kooky Clobber #5

When thinking about fairy tales I have never seen myself as the damsel in distress.I'd be more likely to take up the role of the hero; slashing through thick forest and scaling high walls to rescue a pretty girl from the top of a castle tower.

I learned today that until the 17th of this month Bare Rose is holding a mini-hunt for the armour above. Of course being a huge fan of Bare Rose clothing and fun costumes I rushed straight over to begin my adventure.

This hunt is relatively straight forward and consists of four different phases. During three you gather up various parts of the armor set - which has both male and female versions included - and the final one sees you earn a ridable dragon mount which is not shown here.

As you can see above I've broken out Kooky boy to show you the male version. This time round he is wearing a group gift skin from LaVie. I think the facial hair works well with the armour to complete the look.

Happy hunting fellow adventurers!

Until next time,

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Steam5 #1

This weekend I decided to make a start on unpacking the gifts I've found so far on the Steam5 hunt. I really hadn't planned on showing any of them on my blog but there have been a couple so far that have roused the old excitement bubbles within me. Today I want to share a few snaps of an absolutely fantastic vehicle I came across - the name was enough to make me think oooooh this is gonna be a good'un and it most certainly is.

I present "CARMAGEDDON" from L+N Signature Designs

I absolutely adore the styling of this car (which can also fly) with all of the weaponry upon it. As you can see there is a mounted cannon on top and a gun on either side both of which can be fired using buttons on a HUD that comes with it. As an alley cat living in a rough part of town I can now cruise the streets in comfort, style and relative safety.

I thought I would show you a shot of the back too. I really like the use of different angles, shapes and colours in the build. If I were to be super dooper critical the only thing I could possibly say in the negative about this whole thing is the exhaust pipes. I like the shape and I like the way they are attached to the car body but they are a bit 'clean and shiny' for my liking. They just don't seem to fit in with the grungy, made from rusted corrugated iron, styling of the rest of the car.

It amazes me that someone would take the time to create such a top quality item to give it away for nothing. Wow. I would have gladly paid for this and been a very happy camper afterwards too.

The textures on this thing are amazing and along with being able to shoot stuff, drive and fly this vehicle you can also open the doors, bonnet and boot as well.

Happy motoring,

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mega Micro Fun, Mini Budget.

Whether you are the kind of person that likes fun and quirky things on the cheap or are someone that likes to look before you leap into making a fairly sizable purchase you might well be interested in this post.

To get yourself going with a fully articulated micro avatar will cost in the region of 1000L$ by the time you purchase the avatar itself then some clothes, hair and other odds and ends to personalise it. A while back I found some other micro avatars that are not in the same league as the SEC fox or the HOF real pixie, but they are still great fun and will give you an idea of what it is like to run around the grid knee high to a grasshopper.

The avatars pictured below can be found at Grendel's in the 'tinies' section where avatars range from 0 L$ to 250 L$. 

(Wind up Turtle - 25L$. Probably my favourite.)

(Wind up Roach - 13L$)

(Wind up Ostrich - 25L$.)

Dido and I had fun running around as a pair of Grendel's rabbits at Easter time nibbling the soles of peoples shoes and trying to sniff out carrots from strangers. We had so much fun that it had me in fits of laughter in RL. So much so I had tears streaming from my eyes at one point.

(Tiny Bunnies - 2L$)

These are just a few of the ones I brought from Grendel's. There is an extensive range of avatars at this shop so if you are an avatar collector, or just like something different now and again I would certainly recommend a trip here. You get a lot for your lindens - Great quality and endless hours of fun!

Finally here is micro fox stood by the same box as the Grendel's avatars so you can get a rough idea of the scale of them.

Until next time,

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Home Sweet Home

One thing I have been disappointed by in Second Life is the lack of a fun place for me, as a neko, to hang out. There are plenty of general places to go of course but what I had in mind and hoped to find was a playground of sorts where kitty cats could meet up, make friends and play. I envisioned a place with things to climb, boxes you could hide or lounge about in, big comfortable seating areas, balls of string to pounce, butterflies to chase, that kind of thing. As I couldn't find what I was looking for I decided I would create my own and call it home.

Where things like this are concerned I get tunnel vision. I get an image in my head of how I want the space to look and then scour far and wide for the right items to bring that vision to life. It took time and patience to create what has become my home but now it is a place I really enjoy being whether I am with my friends or alone.

I should also mention that I have a small plot of land so the amount of prims I had available to me was minimal. That was another fun challenge - to find great looking low prim items to furnish my play den with.

I think that the grungy urban environment I have created for Kooky to reside in is just about perfect for her.It suits her and fits nicely with her slightly more feral/alley cat look. I can't imagine Kooky living in a huge mansion, so I didn't give her one - meanie that I am. 

This is my simple seating area. Everything here has that 'well used' look about it as you can see. I think it goes great with the old wooden floorboards and brick walls. I'd had the rug for a while and then brought a furniture set from KOSH. I didn't realise that the rug and furniture set used the same texture at the time of purchase. That part was just jolly good luck!

Box kitty and Urban Kitty, both from Obsidian Desires, provide lots of fun for the neko in me. Every prim surface of this furniture is loaded with an animation. There are sitting animations, laying animations, animations that make you look like you're doing gymnastics or yoga and even a couple that make you look like you are using the upright prims as a scratching post. The animation set into the sand box is interesting to say the very least. Worms anyone?

I added the ::OD:: 'basket case' cat basket to the sheltered area along with a milk bowl to drink from. If you look closely through the window you can just about see the top of my milk churn. This kitteh gots the cream!

The little yellow spot there on the floor is actually my ball of yarn. No kitty should ever be without one in my opinion. You can purchase them in a variety of colours from Nexx. A cuddle rug was something I wanted to have in my home, but finding one that was not 'clean' and perfect was probably the hardest task I had in the end. Luckily this worn out one from The Dreamers Creations fit the bill perfectly.

The metal frame there ready and waiting to be climbed on is another item from Obsidian Desires called Hangar Kitty. Like with the other items this thing is just bursting with animations and waiting to be attacked by the next kitty to pounce.

There is nothing like knocking ten bells of catnip out of a heavy leather sack when you are frustrated. If you are lucky by the end of it you will have a little pile of herbs on the floor that will make you completely forget what you were frustrated about in the first place. Ahhhh! My very own catnip piñata what more could a girl ask for?

Well that's about it for the tour of Kooky's hangout. I hope it will give you nekos and neko lovers out there ideas on how to keep the feline in you/your life happy.

Until next time,

Oh! And just incase you are interested I believe the prim count of everything you can see in the pictures is 154. Not bad at all eh?

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mates & Micros

Last night I got to spend some quality time with my dear friend Dido and her friend Fabio. This was the first opportunity we'd had to get together since I brought my micro avatars and I was super excited to show them off.  It was fantastic that Fabio came along too as it meant I had two people to parade around in front of in all my minture glory.

(Here we all are!)

When you purchase the SEC Micro Fox you get lots of goodies in the box. For your linden dollars you get both male and female fox body parts in three colours, three types of hair, four different ear styles, the HUD which has all kinds of functions and a big box of goodies. One of the items inside the box is a thing called a micro carrier which is exactly what it says on the tin. With the micro carrier a regular sized avatar can pick up their little bitty pal and carry them around. Just like you can see in the snaps above and below. Inside the carrier there are a couple of animations for when you are walking so the micro is either in your arms or on your shoulder and several poses that are great for getting comfortable together and provide a very solid foundation for some picture taking which we all did.

You can see some of the pictures and hear from Dido on her blog. The post "OMG she shrank!"  relates to our fun last night and just for the record it was Dido's idea to pull Fabio's chest hair I just happened to be in prime position to do it!

(*tug tug!*)

Dido is considering the purchase of a micro avatar and I really do hope that she (and others) will take the plunge. I must admit that I was a little skeptical at first. I thought being that small would be utterly annoying but with the camera function on the HUD you can see the world perfectly well, just from a different position. There is clothing that needs some work to wear using a thing called 'safety pin' (which is an area I have yet to explore) and then there are other outfits like the one I'm wearing from Micro Paws (above) and Dreamscaped Designs (below) that fits perfectly using the 'add' button when you right click the item in your inventory.

(I really like this picture of Dido. Isn't she pretty!)

One thing I do want to see is if you can use couples dance balls as a pair of micros but I've currently not been able to test that one. See? Another reason Dido should go micro!

Until next time,

Monday, 5 September 2011

Bitten by the micro bug.

Goodness me. I know they say that great things come in small packages but I had no idea just how true that was until now. I am absolutely loving wandering around the grid as either a little bitty pixie or a teeny tiny fox. I can see me keeping this micro form for some time to come though deciding which one to be is the hard part. One thing I am positive about is that they are worth each and every linden I have spent on them so far.

I have been occupying myself doing the Steam5 hunt the last couple of days and have had a few comments on how great I look by fellow hunters. In fact one I met last night liked it so much she asked me to share where I got the avatar from (I was the fox this time) and before I knew it she told me she had purchased one for herself. It made me happy to see her excitment at the prospect of 'shrinking down' and also eased my mind a little to know that I am not the only one that gets crazy excited over things like this. She left the hunt to go try on her new purchase and seemed pleased with it. I asked her to keep me updated on how she likes life as a micro and I'm looking forwards to hearing of her adventures!

So here with go with another snap of my fairy avatar that I posted about here in all her new glory. I shrank down some hair (what a pain that is! *Breathe Kooky, breathe. Patience Kooky patience!*) Got her some eyes, a couple of outfits and wings that match. I am really pleased with how she looks now and can't wait to buy more stuff for her soon.

(Pretty sugar plum fairy. I have the same outfit in mint green for her too.)

And here is micro foxeh.

If you search for Steamboat Energy Company or "Micro fox" you'll find it easily enough on the marketplace or in world. I made a copy of mine, retextured with one of the packs from marketplace, picked up some hair and clothing and ta-da!. I am very happy with how I look now and like with the fairy can't wait to make more purchases for her soon!

Just before I sign off I HAVE to show you this capture it is just the most adorable thing ever. The timing was perfect as was the pose!

How I can look at 'me' on a screen and have it melt my heart from the inside out I have no idea, but with this shot it happened. I love micro Kook soooo very much!

(Perhaps I am cute after all!)

I wonder if this much cuteness is unhealthy.


Until next time,

Friday, 2 September 2011

Kooky Clobber #4

After another long and frustrating week at work it was finally time to head over to the Old Mother Hen for a few drinks. I caught the number 73 into town and went past Marks n Sparks on the way to the pub when my attention was drawn to the other end of the street. Something wasn't right. Checking back over my shoulder I could see smoke billowing out from behind the BP garage and hear the faint shrieks of people in distress. 

I shot into the public loos (which were very conveniently close by), ripped open my suit carrier and got changed into my figure hugging lycra number and cape that I just happened to have with me. In a matter of seconds I was at the scene using my super human powers to put out the raging fires, rescue the trapped people and move everyone to a safe distance just incase the fuel tanks went KaBOOM!

SuperKook saves the day and makes a quick exit before pictures are snapped to put in tomorrow's local rag.

I'm parched. It must be time to go have that pint now. Just before I go though I am going to take a slight detour...

(BareRose Superhero Costume)

Wayne Enterprises? Pffft! Anything Batman can do SuperKook can do better!

Until next time,
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