Sunday, 28 August 2011

Kooky Clobber #3

Ever since I was a little nipper running around the garden and through the vegetable patch (much to the dismay of my parents) I have had a certain adoration for one of mother nature's busiest insects, the bumblebee.

(What cute likkle eyes you have!)

During this summer I was lucky enough to come across a group of several young bees in my back garden. I sat down on the patio watching them for quite some time as they tried to take off often only managing a hop, or very short flight before flomping to the ground again. It was such an amazing experience for me. I sat like a child infront of the television - totally glued - giving my own running commentary of their actions while whispering words of encouragement to the cute little critters. Like all children's television shows there was a happy ending. I clapped quickly and excitedly as one by one they finally managed to take to the skies.  "Hurrah!"

I decided that it was about time I transformed Kooky kitty into Kookybee so off I trundled in search of bee goodies. I am admittedly extremely fussy when it comes to the purchase of clothing items. Stuff I buy more often than not has to have a special something about it. Trouble is I rarely know what that special thing is until I see it.

I stumbled upon Intrigue Co and found that 'it'.

I knew instantly that these were items I HAD to have. I brought several of their pyjama costumes which are really nicely made and very reasonably priced. They've somehow managed to create something that I find both utterly hilarious and super cute. Whether it is the super cuteness that causes it to be so funny I am not sure, but it seems others feel the same. My friends and even people I don't know have commented on how cute and/or funny I look as Kookybee which is awesome. I like it when others get a kick out of my kookiness.

You can find Intrigue Co. Both in-world and on marketplace. Another shop that is definately worth a look in my opinion. Such cleverly and well put together costumes that induce giggle fits.

After all that typing I think it is time for me to catch some Zzz's.

Until next time,


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