Friday, 26 August 2011

Kooky Clobber #2

Though like almost every other girl I enjoy dressing in casual clothing there are times when I absolutely love to stand out from the crowd. It is those slightly more 'off the wall' outfits I am going to concentrate on sharing with you in Kooky Clobber.

In stark contrast to the wonderful casual outfits featured in the first installment of Kooky Clobber this one is about as funked up as they come. After discovering the store *Epic* via a blog I have not looked back. I absolutely love the creations of Jade Winthorpe. Her products are top notch and come in a wide variety of styles. Some products are spiffy and spunky where as others are cute as a button. Everything is wonderfully made with lots of care and attention to detail which is right up my alley.

The outfit I am about to share with you is no longer available in the colour I am wearing as it was a weekend special a short time ago. You can get the same outfit in many other colour variations in-world and there is also a marketplace store you can browse.

I am quite sure that I've babbled on long enough so now it is time for the visuals to speak for themselves. Here is the Kook in all her *Epic* Orange Glory looking somewhat like a mad scientist with the goggles - or at least I think so.

(*Epic* Aviator Jumpsuit Set and *Epic* Lost Analog TV Signal Faun Tech Boots)
(The black leggings, long gloves, collar and boob tape were added from my inventory)

The boots have colour change lights, cute little animated TVs and little steam trails out behind them. I think that they are more than worthy of a close up snap so you can see them in more detail.

(click to enlarge for a better view)

That's about it for this installment I think.

Until next time,


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