Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Kooky Clobber #1 - K&L

Even if you lack animal ears and a cute fluffy tail this first shop to feature on Kooky Clobber is definately worth a look for both girls and guys.

The deals you get with K&L Clothing and Accessories both on the marketplace and in-world are nothing short of jawdroppingly good. You get fantastic quality and amazing value.

Since I last visited it seems that the creator of this wonderful clothing line, Kiku Yokosuka, has branched out into doing separates as well as complete outfits. I am going to concentrate on the complete outfits in this post.

(K&L Raspberry Kitty)

In the box you purchase you will recieve an entire outfit (often with several options), kitty ears, a fluffy kitty tail, accessories (like bangles) and boomers all for just fifty lindens a pop, and that's not all!

At the time of me pressing send there are four complete avatars up for grabs. You girls can get a complete neko look inclusive of hair, skin, eyes, shape, facelight, clothes and cute little extras for the same price as the outfits. Just 50L$ ... Wow!

So without further ado here are a couple more snaps of Kooky in all her K&L glory

(K&L mash up of Punk and Killer Kitty.)  
(Armbands, finger tape and face tattoo not included)

(K&L Snow Kitty - complete avatar - included shape used)

Until next time,


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