Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Alternative Kooky #5

The avatar type to feature in this post is definitely where the majority of my Linden dollar budget is going to be spent in the foreseeable future. I had heard about them, seen them around and pondered taking the plunge for a while. Why I didn't get one before I can't really say, but now I have there is no turning back.

I am talking about the  super itty bitty world of micro avatars. They are amazing! Fully articulated little people, fairies, pixies, bugs, furries.. the possibilities of what you can be seems endless. The great thing about them being fully articulated is that you don't need anything specialised in the way of animations for them (unless we're talking about furniture). Your AOs will function with them, your dances and static model poses work. I will say that some 'super moving' animations make your mini person look like they popped a joint out of place, but in the majority of cases animations for 'biggies' work just fine.

(So you can get an idea of just how small we are talking here.)
(Dancing at  Muddy's Music Cafe)

So far I have seen a couple of ways you can buy these dinky avatars. There are ones that come as an entire package including a special required HUD  and then there are ones where you buy the avatar and then purchase a HUD separately.

I chose the latter to begin with. I purchased a pixie avatar from here and the required HUD from here and have been a happy little camper ever since. The avatar I purchased comes with three clothing options as well as a nude option so you can buy or make clothes to fit her. I was not so keen on the hair that came with it so I shrank down one of the hairs from my inventory. It is not the most ideal hair in the world as it covers her pixie ears, but it worked well enough to get me up and running almost instantly.

( So cute! So awesome! *wiggles excitedly*)

I can't wait to learn more, discover more and will definitely be making more micro related purchases over the coming days. I think I might get myself a micro fox, or maybe the husky, perhaps the lady bug... Ahhh decisions decisions!

Until next time,


Dido Haas said...

Awww luv this tiny avi! When I buy one too, we can have fun zooming around tall avi's heads and biting their noses ^^
dikke kus

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